NHDP - Easter Bunny Delivers Basket Full of Democratic Accomplishments to NH GOP

The Easter Bunny delivered a basket full of eggs highlighting Democrat's hard work to move New Hampshire forward

Concord - Arriving a few days early, the Easter Bunny delivered a basket full of eggs, each one touting one of the New Hampshire Democrats' major accomplishments, to the Republican Party.  Initiatives like the W.A.R.N. Act and New Hampshire Working on the state level, and comprehensive health insurance reform on the national level, are just a few of the many items on the list that have benefited hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters.

"Hopefully seeing all the great things Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congressman Paul Hodes, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, Governor Lynch and all the Democrats in the state House and Senate did, will serve as inspiration to the Republican Party," said the Easter Bunny.

The recently passed comprehensive health insurance reform legislation will lower insurance premiums for New Hampshire Families by nearly $3,000 over the next six years, immediately provide tax credits of up to 35% of premium costs to small businesses that offer health insurance to their employees, and extend coverage to nearly 150,000 New Hampshire residents who are currently uninsured.

At the state level both the W.A.R.N. Act and New Hampshire working programs have taken effect, protecting Granite Staters who currently have jobs, helping those without them find work, and ensuring that the New Hampshire workforce has the training and skills necessary to compete for the best jobs available.

"The New Hampshire Democratic Party was very busy this year," continued the Easter Bunny.  "I have been an admirer of their work for generations, but this year I decided I had to recognize all they have accomplished."

A video of the Easter Bunny delivering his basket to the Republican Party is available here.  And a full listing of all the major Democratic accomplishments contained in the eggs is below.

List of Major Democratic Accomplishments:

Implementing New Hampshire Working

Passing the W.A.R.N. ACT

Passing Healthy Kids & Health First

Passing National Health insurance reform

Providing Equality for All Our Citizens

Ending the Education Funding Crisis

Raising the Minimum Wage

Passing a Responsible and Balanced Budget

Cleaning Up the Republican Economic Mess

Making New Hampshire One of the Safest, Well Educated, Best Places to Raise a Family

Ensuring New Hampshire is one of the Lowest Taxed and Most Fiscally Responsible States in the Country