CHQ - Has The GOP Establishment Learned Its Lesson Yet?

Has The GOP Establishment Learned Its Lesson?

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Specter and Crist: Has The GOP Establishment Learned Its Lesson?
Washington Examiner - Timothy P. Carney blogs on the 'pragmatic' decision by the GOP establishment to back Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania (who subsequently switched Parties) and then Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida (who is now running as an Independent against the GOP) - and hopes there's a lesson learned.

Crist Exit Signals Conservative Revolt Against D.C. Establishment
Politico -- Crist's departure from the GOP is yet another indicator of conservative's distrust for the Washington establishment.

Crist's Exceptional Opportunism
American Conservative - Signs of Charlie Crist's ultimate self-possessed nature have been around for a long time, so it should come as no surprise that Crist would stick a knife in the back of his own Party and run as an Independent for Senate, writes Daniel Larison. 

About 200 Tea Party Members Make Their Feelings Known During President's Quincy Visit
Quincy Herald-Whig (IL) - President Obama made a visit to Quincy, Illinois, on Wednesday and local conservative Tea Party activists weren't about to pass up the opportunity to tell him what they think of his policies.

Republicans Will Allow Wall Street Reform Bill To Hit Senate Floor
The Hill - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will allow the Democrats' Big Government Wall Street bill to reach the Senate floor without further delaying actions, claiming that the Democratic leadership made concessions on key points.

Dick Morris:  GOP: Fight the Wall Street bill
The Hill - Dick Morris writes of the need for Republican Senators to hold the line on the Democrats' Big Government Wall Street legislation - and provides three reasons why the bill would be a disaster if it passed.

Huckabee Backs DeVore in Calif. GOP Senate Primary
Associated Press - Mike Huckabee's conservative record might be spotty at best, but he deserves credit for his principled move in endorsing the true conservative candidate in the California GOP U.S. Senate race, Chuck DeVore.