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  1. Frustrated with Business as Usual in Concord?
  2. Lynch Getting Desperate
  3. Could It Get Any Worse for Paul Hodes?
  4. Freedom Matters
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Frustrated with Business as Usual in Concord?

Since John Lynch and the Democrat majorities have taken office they have failed to lead on the issues that matter most to Granite Staters. Democrats have raised 80 taxes and fee increases, increased state spending and amassed skyrocketing deficits.

Now is the time for you to stand up and make a difference by serving our great state as an elected official. Republicans will have the opportunity to right the wrongs implemented by John Lynch, Terie Norelli and Sylvia Larsen -- but this  can happen without good candidates. If you're interested in running for State Representative you can sign up on our website or contact Katie Horgan at or 225-9341 with any questions that you may have.

Don't hesitate, filing period begins in one short month!


Lynch Getting Desperate

It’s not surprising that John Lynch and his political cronies have decided to kickoff his re-election campaign with a barrage of negative, dishonest and deceitful ads. Governor Lynch has already demonstrated that he will do anything to distract voters from his failed record, even if that means launching a desperate smear campaign against his opponents. Fortunately, Granite Staters are smart enough to realize that John Lynch’s desperate lies and attacks are just another indication that the Governor is running scared.
John Lynch’s three failed terms in office have resulted in skyrocketing state spending, exploding deficits and more job-killing taxes. Now, his administration has been rocked by a series of ethics scandals involving some of the Governor’s top officials and handpicked political appointees.
It doesn’t matter how many dishonest ads John Lynch runs because voters already realize that New Hampshire cannot afford two more years of his failed leadership. Enough is enough. Granite Staters are ready to elect a fiscally responsible Republican governor who will fix state government and clean up Lynch’s budget mess.


Could It Get Any Worse for Paul Hodes?

The Washington Examiner reported this week that Myron Cherry, a crony of the disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich donated $2,400 to Paul Hodes' senate campaign. Cherry was the “front man” for a conspiracy of Blagojevich cronies that illegally funneled kickbacks to Democrat campaign donors.

Rod Blagojevich epitomizes the sleaze and malfeasance that has infected our political system. Elected officials like Paul Hodes should immediately distance themselves from anybody remotely associated with his disgusting web of corruption. said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams.

Paul Hodes needs to immediately return his tainted contribution from this Blagojevich crony to preserve the integrity of his campaign.


Freedom Matters

If you did not have the opportunity to hear U.S. Representative Connie Mack's keynote address at the Annual Meeting you can click below to watch it:


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