CHQ - Tea Party 48%, Obama 44%

Tea Party 48%, Obama 44% | 05 April 2010

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from @RichardViguerie:

March 30 Obama on NBC blamed political polarization (i.e. his problems) on cable TV, talk radio, internet & blogs #tcot

Obama recognizes opposition to his socialist agenda is primarily from conservatives using talk radio, cable TV and internet, not GOP leaders #tcot

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Tea Party 48%, Obama 44%
Rasmussen -- Phone survey reveals 48% of all Americans share more in common with the average Tea Party member, contrasted to 44% with President Obama.

Thurbert Baker, Attorney General for ACORN
American Thinker -- Georgia AG Thurbert Baker's opposes challenging ObamaCare's constitutionality because of its cost to taxpayers.  Yet as an activist attorney, Baker received an "A" rating from ACORN precisely for spending taxpayer money pursuing frivolous lawsuits.

Karl Rove Is No Conservative, As His Memoir Shows
Washington Post -
Craig Shirley and Donald Devine counter Rove's claims that Bush was actually a 'conservative' president, instead demonstrating that Bush's government-growing tenure was a disaster for both the Republican Party and the good name of conservatism.

Karl Rove is the man who elected Barack Obama
American Spectator - Rove didn't respond forcefully enough in combating Democrats' claims that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq, and destroyed the GOP because his push for Big Government alienated the GOP's base.

There's Nothing Racist About Tea Parties
American Conservative
- Jack Hunter takes on the liberals' absurd accusations that grassroots conservative opposition to Pres. Obama's policies stems from the racism of Tea Partyers.

Nevada GOP Candidates for Senate Hone Strategy
Las Vegas Review-Journal - There are twelve Republicans on the June ballot, but five have emerged as the ones to beat - including an establishment-backed candidate, an outsider, and several solid conservatives who are relying on grassroots support.

Saving The Republic: Yes We Can
American Thinker - John Griffing sounds a call to action for Americans - to get off the couch, get involved and fight the usurpation of power and our rights that is currently taking place in government (by both political parties).

Democrats are Doomed (or How a Big Tent Can Be Too Big) -- Ever wonder why the GOP seems to be better as an opposition party?  Here's some statistical food for thought.

General David Petraeus' Shermanesque Statement: "No Means No" -- Despite rumors to the contrary, Petraeus will not run for President.

4 of 10 Tea Partiers are Democrats and Independents -- Recent polling by the Winston Group shows the non-partisan nature of the citizens revolt against massive government.  Two largest issues?  The economy and the deficit.

Linda Chavez: The Party's Over For Steele
Washington Examiner -- "Without a real leader, it's easy for others to define the leadership of the party," writes Chavez.

Dick Morris: Donating to RNC 'Waste of Money'
Newsmax - Conservatives would be better served by contributing to entities that aid Republican candidates directly.

Voters now trust Republicans more on nine out of ten key issues
Rasmussen Reports - Voters now trust Republicans over Democrats in nine out of ten key issue categories - and the gap appears to be getting wider.

Chicago-area tea party activists say rallies aren't enough
Chicago Sun-Times - Here's a look at some individuals in Illinois who've taken their participation a step further, by getting involved in the political process.

Ralph Benko: Obama's Elitism Will Be His Apocalypse
Washington Examiner -- The simple truth? Obama is an elitist, and we shouldn't be afraid to call him out on it.