NetRight Daily: The Death Panels

The Death Panels That Weren't Supposed to Exist:  Remember when the left told us that they weren't real? Well, check out this video...

Ethanol Subsidies Drive Up Cost:  The Environmental Protection Agency wants to dump more corn into your fuel tank this summer, and it's going to cost more than you think.

Obama-Mania: The Human Toll:  Some say that freedom died on March 21 with the passage of ObamaCare. But conservatives tend to toss that word around as a broad, fit-all concept, void of any personal or emotional context.

Democrat Leaders Attack Tea Parties:  The basic First Amendment common sense restriction is that you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. Yet, that is exactly what is being done by the most powerful people in this country, when they verbally attack the Americans who have stood up to be counted in opposition to the health care law and other encroachments on individual freedom that have occurred over the past 14 months.

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