CHQ - Primary Candidates Challenge GOP From the Right

Primary Candidates Challenge GOP From the Right | 06 April 2010

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Tea Party Primary Candidates Challenge GOP From The Right
Norman Transcript - Oklahoma conservatives aren't happy with several Republican members of their congressional delegation that voted for the Big Government bailouts, and they're doing something about it - supporting conservative challengers in their state's GOP primary.

Will Virginia's Bob Marshall Run For Senate?
Washington Post -- Speculation runs rampant that Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who lost by the slimmest of margins in 2008's U.S. Senate nomination for the GOP to former Governor Jim Gilmore, will run again in 2012 to take on Senator Jim Webb.

Democrats Choose Not to Oppose Thune in South Dakota Due to His 'Popularity'
Press & Dakotan -- South Dakota Democrats have chosen not to challenge Sen. Jim Thune due to his popularity in the state.  Thune still stands the chance of being challenged by an independent candidate.

Chief of Staff Resigns From Steele's RNC
Washington Times - Embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele got another piece of bad news on Monday, as the committee's Chief of Staff, Ken McKay, resigned his position due to inaction from Steele in dealing with escalating claims of incompetence at the RNC.

Obamacare Could Present The Perfect Constitutional Storm
American Thinker - Larrey Anderson notes that suits filed by state elected officials on behalf of their citizens may have trouble overcoming Article VI of the Constitution - but individuals could very well be successful in suing the federal government on their own.  Anderson provides the basis for their arguments.

Club for Growth Wields Stealthy, Well-Financed Influence in Utah Senate Race
Deseret News - The conservative free-market group Club for Growth is going full force in educating conservatives on Utah's GOP U.S. Senate primary race, where incumbent RINO Sen. Bob Bennett is once again trying to deceive voters into believing he's a conservative.

Rudy Giuliani Endorses Rubio in Florida GOP Senate Race
Washington Examiner - Mayor Rudy Giuliani has become the latest prominent Republican to side with conservative-favorite Marco Rubio in Florida's GOP U.S. Senate primary race, arguing that Rubio should be elected because he's for limited government and because he's more trustworthy.

RomneyCare Receives Legal Challenge in Massachusetts
Boston Globe -- The Massachusetts health care program, more commonly known as RomneyCare, is being sued by a half-dozen health care providers to prevent double-digit rate increases.  A taste of what's to come for America under ObamaCare?

Goldberg: How Much Taxation Is Enough?
USA Today -- Jonah Goldberg celebrates (or rather, mourns) Tax Freedom Day on April 9th, with a reminder as to why Obama's war on wealth harms America.

What Caused Liberty to Triumph? -- What does liberty and scientific progress have in common?  More than you'd think.