NHDP - Former Governor and Republican State Party Chair John H. Sununu Continues to Lie about His Record of Leaving the '83, '84, & '89 Budgets in Deficit

Document Sununu waved wildly at the debate even proves he lied

Concord - At a debate between the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican Party Chairs, former Governor and Republican Chair John H. Sununu lost his temper and exploded in an angry tirade after Democratic Chair Ray Buckley reminded him of the huge budget deficits and massive spending increases when he was governor of New Hampshire.  Sununu then handed over the very document that proves there were deficits in '83 and '84.
"That is a lie and I brought the document to prove it," said Sununu frantically waving a piece of paper in the air.  "I am sick and tired of your stupidity in not being able to read the state document. There are six surpluses there my friend -- every single year."
Oh really?  According to Sununu's very own document, there was a $62 million dollar budget deficit in the 1983 audited comprehensive financial report and a $24 million dollar budget deficit in 1984.  In making his point, Sununu even highlighted the GAAP line item which details the final budget for the years 1989 through 1985, but didn't highlight the GAAP for '83 and '84.   But of course, Sununu was Governor both years.
And according to former Republican Governor and U.S. Senator Judd Gregg, former Republican State Senate majority leader Ed Dupont, and the New York Times, Sununu left the state with a $13 million dollar deficit in 1989.  
As the New York Times explains "a few days [after Sununu left office] his successor and a fellow Republican, Judd Gregg, projected a $13 million deficit for the fiscal year that will end June 30. The new Governor ordered state agencies to cut spending by 3 percent in an effort to balance the $570 million budget."  [New York Times, 03/08/1989
"How can Sununu possibly think that the people of New Hampshire won't see through his blatant lies?" asked Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "The very document he brought to the debate includes his '83 and '84 deficits and even his Republican colleagues have dubbed the problems with the 88-89 budget the 'Sununu Deficit.' "
Not only did Governor Sununu leave the budgets in deficit, but he did so while increasing spending by an average of more than 22%, a point he conceded last night, and raiding millions of dollars from a reserve fund.
"Chairman Sununu needs to be honest about his record of budget deficits," added Richer.  Attacking people and calling them names doesn't make his lies true."
Click here to see the WMUR video of Chairman Sununu's tantrum at the debate.
See below for the document Chairman Sununu handed to Buckley at the debate with the '83 and '84 budget deficits circled in red. [NOTE: Chairman Sununu's highlighting is clearly shown on the scanned document by yellow boxes and the original can be seen at the NHDP office.]

Sununu Budget