Republican Liberty PAC, Cornerstone-Action PAC co-sponsor educational forum to benefit children and families

CONCORD, N.H. ― Tommy Newberry, the bestselling author of “The War on Success” and ardent advocate of the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that has brought widespread prosperity to Americans, will teach New Hampshire residents how to use the principles of accomplishment in the current political climate. Newberry will be the keynote speaker for an educational forum sponsored jointly by the Republican Liberty PAC and Cornerstone-Action PAC.

The established success coach and staunch defender of individual liberties, traditional values and free enterprise will speak at The Draft, 67 South Main St. in Concord at 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 17 about the principles and habits of highly successful people and how to nurture these ideas at the family and community level. He will also outline a simple, 5-day plan to help New Hampshire residents combat and win the war of ideas against government leaders who think successful, hardworking people should support those who won’t work for what they have.

The New Hampshire Republican Liberty PAC and Cornerstone-Action PAC are organizing and sponsoring the event, which will cost $20 per person and will benefit the New Hampshire Families for Education PAC, which promotes local control of education, and particularly, family involvement in education.

“We are pleased to be teaming up with Cornerstone to advocate for families and support education in New Hampshire,” said Jim Forsythe, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “When it comes to success, liberty means that people get to keep what they work for, and spend it on what they want. We hope people who understand that liberty and capitalism must be taught to our youth will come out and learn the principles that will help ensure it.”

In his book, "The War on Success," Newberry explains how President Obama and his cronies in Congress have declared a war of ideas against wealth creators. Using "the cloak of 'fairness' and 'compassion’," they encourage the redistribution of wealth and dependence on the government. Newberry asserts that more taxes, regulations and bureaucracy will saddle people who create wealth with unsustainable burdens as a result.

Within the next 10 years, noted Economist A. Gary Shilling predicts that two-thirds of Americans will receive some form of government assistance, with the last third footing the bill. More than half of Americans are currently dependent on government assistance, he has said. This has to change if America is to remain free.

Newberry’s 5-day plan will teach New Hampshire residents how to explain why this level of dependence won’t work, and how to make sure they don’t become dependent themselves. He will explain how hard work, success and private property are what made America the greatest and most generous nation on Earth, and why it is good for a nation’s citizens to be prosperous.

Tickets to hear Newberry speak at the RLCNH Forum at 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 17 cost $20 for individuals. It costs $100 to sponsor the event. Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased online by visiting the RLCNH Web site at www.rlcnh.org or by contacting the NH Republican Liberty PAC at info@rlcnh.org.