Ashooh Statement: No National Sales Tax

Ashooh: “We certainly didn’t get the deficit and debt that we have now,
because taxes aren’t high enough.”

MANCHESTER – Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District, issued the following statement regarding an Obama advisor’s suggestion to implement a national sales tax.
“I can think of nothing worse for New Hampshire’s economy than to institute a regressive, national sales or value-added tax. Our retail economy depends on our tax liberty and competitiveness, and the Federal government should not undermine the New Hampshire Advantage.  This is yet another job-killer.
“President Obama’s economic advisor, Paul Volker, is flat wrong in suggesting that the way to deal with deficits and entitlements is to raise taxes.  We certainly didn’t get the deficit and debt that we have now because taxes aren’t high enough.  If we are to curb deficits then we need to cut spending.  If we are to address long-term liabilities for entitlements, such as Social Security or Medicare, then we need to reform those programs.
“The current administration and Democrat-led Congress have taken every opportunity to spend money that we don’t have – stimulus bills, bailouts, a new health care entitlement.  Now, they’re admitting that we can’t afford it and want to raise taxes on the middle class.  Their behavior, though predictable, is completely unacceptable.
“If we are to overcome the challenges of record deficits and unemployment, then we must elect leaders who will take on the reckless spending and address the problem without accruing massive debt, raising taxes, and stifling job creation.”