Chris Sununu Calls for an Open Bid Process

The Governor and Council Must Demand an Open Bid Process
For Health Care Administrative Services

EXETER – Today, Chris Sununu, candidate for New Hampshire’s District 3 Executive Council seat, issued the following statement:

“The decision to sole-source the state's largest administrative contract is simply irresponsible and without reason. The state is attempting to extend a nearly $17 million Blue Cross Blue Shield health services contract without any competitive bidding or effort to find a lower cost means of management.
“It seems that poor fiscal management has no bounds with this administration.  Democrats have dramatically increased spending by 27% in two years and failed to balance the budget.  Now, they want to hand over the state’s largest contract while avoiding an open bid process.  Taxpayers can no longer afford this type of negligence.
“Governor Lynch and Councilor Hollingworth must stand up for taxpayers and stop these irresponsible practices.  The Executive Council was specifically created to provide strict oversight for matters just like this.  But, my incumbent opponent has been silent on the Council and has failed to hold state government accountable.  It’s time for new leadership in Concord.
“I may not be a career politician like Bev Hollingworth, but I know enough to see that even a mere 6% savings on a contract like this would result in a million dollars in savings.  We shouldn’t be leaving that kind of money on the table.”