NetRight Daily: Today's Top Stories from NRN

California Water Crisis:  The Central Valley of California was once known as the breadbasket of the world--supplying about one-third of the nation's food. But today, the Westside of the Central Valley is home to hundreds of thousands of acres of dry and desolate land.

Don't Go Wobbly:  According to the Associated Press (and giddily reported on page 1 of my hometown paper), some Republicans are rethinking their 'Repeal the Bill' mantra, fearful that voters might "begin to see benefits from Obama-care" (the AP never mentions what those health benefits might be). U.S. Senate candidate Paul Kirk of Illinois, who was adamant in his repeal-the-bill stance, has "eased back," and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce urges a "more effective approach to minimizing its harmful impacts." Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee notes that repeal is "just not going to happen," and Senator John Cornyn of Texas says the GOP should focus on the "misplaced priorities of Democrats."

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The Tea Party Test:  It was at this time last year that the TEA Party movement was still in its infancy and doubters were rampant. The conventional wisdom predicted little chance of success for the rash of TEA Parties slated around the April 15th tax filing deadline – perhaps a few dozen cranks would show up, they argued, but real Americans truly didn't mind the policies put forth by the fledgling Obama administration.

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