CHQ - Tea Partiers and the New Party Leaders

Tea Partiers and the New Party Leaders | 08 April 2010

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Tea Partiers and the New Party Leaders
American Thinker --
Are you ready to do your part?  Richard Viguerie recommends five key things activists should do today to take back our political process.

55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem in Politics Than Big Contributions
Rasmussen -- Only 32% believe donations from corporation are worse than the mainstream media. These findings were identical to a similar poll in August 2008.

Jim DeMint: The Right's Rainmaker
Politico -- Sen. Jim DeMint is building a machine targeting establishment Repubilcans and replacing them with principled conservatives.

Stupak to Retire On Heels of ObamaCare Vote?
Washington Examiner -- After being originally attacked on the left and criticized on the right, Bart Stupak is strongly considering throwing in the towel, a move which strongly favors any potential conservative challenger in his Michigan district.

Voters Issue Strong Rebuke of Incumbents in Congress
Gallup -- Only 28% believe most members of Congress should be re-elected; 65% against -- the worst numbers since 1992.

Misappropriating Ronald Reagan: Liberals Use Conservative Icon to Promote Agenda
Business Media Institute - Liberals are misappropriating the name of Ronald Reagan to gain popular support for causes such as cap and trade and to smear the grassroots conservative Tea Party movement.

The Media's War on Tea Party "Extremism"
The New American - Steven Yates writes of the effort of the major media to brand the Tea Party movement as 'extreme' - and argues it's all in an attempt to detract from the Tea Party's main limited-government message.

Independents Rally to The Tea Party
Washington Examiner -- Not only are Tea Partiers more in tune with mainstream American than Obama, but 50% of independents identify more readily with the Tea Party Movement..