CHQ - When Will They Take Tea Partiers Seriously?

When Will They Take Tea Partiers Seriously?

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When Will They Take Tea Partiers Seriously?
American Thinker - Carol Perrachio writes of the contempt the political and media elites (on both sides of the ideological spectrum) show towards Tea Partiers and asks, 'when will they take us seriously?'  Perrachio says the elites think conservative Tea Party activists are simpletons who are merely subject to the whims of the day - but our real revenge will be shown in November when we prove them all wrong.

Republicans Pick Wall Street Over Free Markets
Washington Examiner - Timothy P. Carney writes of the weak legislative attempt by Republicans to address the Wall Street issue, arguing that it differs little from the Big Government solutions of the Democrats.  Carney says Republicans are still trying to pander to a politically unfaithful financial sector rather than trusting in free markets and letting Wall Street-types sink or swim according to their collective wisdom.

Experts: Crist Has Small Chance of Winning
Newsmax - Now that Charlie Crist has conceded defeat to Marco Rubio and decided to bolt the Republican Party, experts are saying he still has little chance of actually winning Florida's open U.S. Senate seat.  Crist's self-centered decision leaves him with no Party organization and little hope of raising money - and that's not even taking into account the considerable ill-will he's generated by betraying those who once trusted him.

Time For Conservatives To Shine In Pennsylvania
American Spectator - Robert Stacy McCain tells of the up-and-down nature of the fight over the late Rep. Jack Murtha's seat in Pennsylvania's 12th district, where Republican Tim Burton is trying to do something that hasn't been accomplished in over three decades - have a conservative represent the district's people.

Cornyn: Crist Shows D.C. Can't Pick Winners
Washington Times - It's a bit ironic that the man who brought Gov. Charlie Crist into the Florida GOP U.S. Senate primary race is now claiming that Washington can't pick winners, but that's precisely what Sen. John Cornyn is saying.  As head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Cornyn asked Crist to run, but now admits that national Parties shouldn't be telling states how to choose their candidates.

Reaction To Immigration Law Worse Than Law Itself
Real Clear Politics - Arizona journalist Robert Robb examines the provisions of the new Arizona immigration bill and concludes that it is poorly drafted and should not have been passed - but also makes the point that liberals' reaction to the law has been far worse than anything it would require state police officers to do.  Robb says the law's opponents don't seem to care what the people of Arizona really think about the issue.

Times Jumps on Arcane Debate About Closed-Minded Conservatives
Media Research Center - There's nothing that the liberal media (here, represented by the New York Times) likes better than conservatives criticizing other conservatives - and here, Clay Waters highlights how liberals have jumped on the term 'epistemic closure' to get in their digs once again in contending that conservatives are hopelessly divided.