CHQ - Viguerie on C-SPAN Discussing Tea Partiers and Conservative Movement

Viguerie on C-SPAN Discussing Tea Partiers and Conservative Movement

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Viguerie on C-SPAN Discussing Tea Partiers and the Conservative Movement
C-SPAN -- If you missed "Washington Journal" this Sunday, here's your chance to watch Richard A. Viguerie take questions from the public regarding his Washington Post article advising the Tea Party movement last week.

Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan's Record Is Full of Holes
National Review Online (blog) - Liberals and the media will no doubt try to spin the nomination of Elena Kagan as the perfect 'compromise' choice to sit on the Supreme Court, but on close reflection, her record is full of holes, blogs Ed Whelan.  Kagan has argued in the past that all Supreme Court nominees should have mastered the 'craft' aspects of being a judge, a threshold that she can't even meet herself.

Tea Partiers Just Want Freedom Back
Columbia Daily Tribune - Columnist Bob Roper takes his shot at defining what the Tea Party is all about, and finds himself in agreement with Richard Viguerie that the conservative grassroots will no longer be content with a Republican Party that wants to grow government a little slower than the Democrats.  In the end, Roper writes, the Tea Party movement just wants to restore the freedom given to Americans by the Founding Fathers.

Conservatives Note Kagan's 'Anti-Military' Views
CNS News - The Family Research Council believes Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will face conservative opposition for her anti-military views and for her past affiliation with Goldman Sachs.

The Great Disentangling Has Begun: What Bob Bennett's Defeat Means and Does Not - Conservative blogger Erick Erickson was one of the first to call for the ouster of Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, and here he shares his thoughts on what Bennett's defeat really means for the conservative movement - and what it doesn't mean.  Erickson says that Bennett was typical of Republicans who are branded as 'conservatives' despite what they really do - and the grassroots became wise to him and showed him the door.

Sen. Bennett is No 'Staunch' Conservative
Human Events - Sen. Robert Bennett ran for re-election claiming to be a staunch conservative on all the issues, but his voting record reveals that he was anything but 'staunch.'  Bennett would have you think that his vote for the TARP bailout cost him his Senate seat, but it's actually eighteen years' worth of apostasies that led to his ouster.

Tea Parties and Racism
American Thinker - Professor Robert Weissberg writes of the irrationality of the Left's attempts to brand the Tea Party movement as racist - and theorizes that the only thing Tea Partiers can do is to ignore the accusations.  Weissberg says trying to counter the Left's lunacy only makes the situation worse, because there's no way to answer for something that doesn't even exist.

RINOS' Last Stand in California
World Net Daily - Roger Hedgecock writes the last stand of the RINOs is in his home state of California, the only place in America where being 'Democrat-lite' is still thought of a political virtue amongst Republicans.  Hedgecock discusses the two main Republican competitors for governor (to replace another notorious RINO, Arnold Schwarzenegger) and how they're doing all they can to appear squishy on the issues.

Is Sarah Palin Serious About Running in 2012?
McClatchy Newspapers - Gov. Sarah Palin certainly acts like a politician who's going to run for high office at some point in the future, but it's still a mystery as to whether she'll try for the presidency in 2012.  Palin's actions since resigning as governor of Alaska last year seem to indicate that she enjoys the spotlight.