Manchester, NH - On the heals of  Cornerstone-Action's call yesterday for legislative leaders to appoint a special counsel to investigate the on-going FRM scandal, both Governor Lynch and Senate President, Sylvia Larsen expressed they have no desire to do so at this time. 

Speaking to WMUR, the Governor's spokesman, Colin Manning, stated that it would be premature to "plot a course of action" until the Attorney General releases his report.  Additionally, Senate President Sylvia Larsen said it would be improper to assume the Attorney General's report would be anything but thorough, adding that she thinks it will be a reliable and trustworthy report.  This, despite the fact that out-going BSR chief, Mark Connolly, has raised significant concerns over the past few weeks about the Attorney General's mishandling of the FRM situation.

Cornerstone-Action's, Kevin Smith, criticized the Governor and Legislature's attempt to delay an independent review:

"It is perplexing at this point as to why the Governor or the Legislature would not want an independent investigation into this matter.  With so many  uncertainties as to the role the Attorney General's Office played in allowing this ponzi scheme to take place, it's hard to imagine the public having any confidence in the neutrality of the report they are releasing this week.  We continue to call on the Governor and legislative leaders to ensure the public's trust by appointing a special counsel to independently investigate this matter."