NH GOP - NH to host RNC Co-Chairman Jan Larimer at Women's Summit 5/22

RNC National Committeewoman, Phyllis Woods, is pleased to announce that the RNC Co-Chairman, Jan Larimer, will be coming to New Hampshire to participate in a New Hampshire Republican Women's Summit which is the first such "Mini" Summit held by a state in the country.  "Again, New Hampshire gets to be "first in the nation!"  It will be patterned after the regional Women's Summits that have been held in DC and in several areas throughout the country.

The Summit will be held on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at the Wedu Conference Center, 20 Market Street, Manchester. It will begin with a luncheon at noon and the program will begin at 1 pm and go through 4 pm. The Summit is free to all interested Republican women but due to space limitations, please RSVP to Phyllis Woods at
parishoner@comcast.net or by calling 603-749-2177 by May 18th to reserve a seat.

According to Co-Chairman Larimer, "The goal of the summit is to recruit, register, and train a strong base of women activists and candidates to build the Republican party and portray the GOP as the automatic option for female voters and win elections."

Woods said, "Our New Hampshire Summit is aimed at supporting declared candidates and encouraging prospective candidates to run for the House and Senate.  We have a unique challenge in recruiting enough people to run for the 424 positions but it provides a unique opportunity for more Republican women to serve in elected office. I believe the reason Republican women in the House and Senate are outnumbered by Democrat women is because we need to do a better job of finding and asking women to run, exposing them to women who have run for office and been elected as role models, and supporting, training, and helping them when they do decide to run."

The Summit will provide a chance for Republican women to network throughout the state and perhaps even pair perspective candidates with an elected official who will act as a "mentor" for them throughout their campaign and term in office. This will not be a campaign school or an issues forum but rather will address why and how Republican women can, and should consider running for office or take an active role in the party. All our Republican women in the House and Senate have been invited to participate.