- Texas Watchdog: Harvesting votes for profit in South Texas

We wanted to share with you a great investigative series from Texas Watchdog ( The below two articles and video detail the exclusive story of a South Texas political worker accused of illegal vote harvesting. Zaida Bueno is up-front and honest about her illegal activity that including coaching votes and collecting mail-in ballots for a number of local elected officials over the past eight years. "County, the whole county and the whole courthouse - city council, school board, any election you name, I've done," Bueno says. 

A South Texas political worker accused of illegal vote harvesting in Jim Wells County talks to Texas Watchdog about how she did it. See the video and read the story on voter fraud.

Read Part One: Charged with illegal vote harvesting, a South Texas political worker explains how voter fraud works.

Read Part Two: Neighbor suggested vote harvesting to boost income.

See the Texas Watchdog video.

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