AFP - Help Stop Washington's Takeover of the Internet

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Washington wants to take over everything it can get its hands on.  The banks.  Insurance companies.  Automakers.  Our health care.    

Now Obama FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has set his sights on taking over the Internet, and we're launching a major national effort to stop him.

Too many dominoes have already fallen.  We need to hold the line.  The Internet as is exists now is the most powerful tool for grassroots activism and communication that the world has ever known.  We simply cannot risk allowing the FCC to succeed in its efforts to impose heavy-handed regulation by "reclassifying" the Internet as an old-fashioned public utility.

Today we are launching a major national effort to educate and mobilize Americans against this newest threat.  Check out our new ad, which is running nationally starting today, on

Robert McChesney, founder of the left-wing group Free Press (whose communications director was hired by FCC Chairman Genachowski to assist his effort to regulate the Internet) is honest about the stakes, telling "What we want to have in the U.S. and in every society is an Internet that is not private property, but a public utility."

Please take a moment right now to head over to and view our new national TV ad called "Dominoes."  If you like the ad, please consider clicking on the donate button. Your donation will help keep the ad on the air to educate and mobilize more Americans to demand that Congress step in and stop the FCC's Internet power grab.

The new site also has a petition that I hope you'll sign, and tools to write Congress and demand they stop the FCC.  Chairman Genachowski and his two Democratic allies at the FCC could, with just their three votes, take over a sector of our economy roughly the same size as health care. 

Congress cannot let that happen.  As the legitimate legislative branch, Congress must step up and take responsibility.  And we need to send a clear message that if this Congress will not stop the FCC's Internet takeover, we need to elect one that will.

With your help we can finally stop Washington's takeover streak.

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P.S. Please forward this email to your friends and share our new site on Facebook and Twitter.  We need to make this a major issue so that Washington will understand that we're paying attention and will not accept another big government takeover.  Thanks.

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