CHQ - Fearful GOP Incumbents May Go to the Mat on Kagan

Fearful GOP Incumbents May Go to the Mat on Kagan

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Fearful GOP Incumbents May Go to the Mat on Kagan
NPR -- Senator Bill Bennett's defeat in Utah could very well spur Senate Republicans to mount a filibuster effort against Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as they look to boost their conservative bona fides.

Dick Morris: Sack GOP Leadership for Tea Party Leadership
FOX News -- "I love that the Tea Party movement toppled [Bennett]. And I hope that they topple more. And I hope that they end up replacing the leadership in the House and the Senate of the Republican Party with leaders that reflect the values of the Tea Party movement."

Conservatives Try to Corral Tea Partiers in Opposition to Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Nomination
Daily Caller - The Tea Party movement was founded on concerned citizens' support of a return to basic American Constitutional principles, so it's only natural that the country's Tea Parties should get involved with fighting Pres. Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan.  Prominent conservatives are openly courting the Tea Parties' assistance in getting the word out to the grassroots that Kagan's nomination is something worth fighting over.

Elena Kagan and The Yale-Harvard Nexus
American Thinker - Michael Filozof writes of the emerging power elite in America, with all our presidents and Supreme Court Justices from the past two decades having come from just two Ivy League schools:  Harvard and Yale.  Forget 'diversity' of skin color, Filozof says, America needs diversity of thought in high places instead of a string of leaders who graduate from left-of-center institutions such as Harvard and Yale.

Meet Obama's Radical New Supreme Court Nominee - It's safe to say that very little is known about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's true judicial philosophy, but if her past history and writings are any indication, she's not only sympathetic to the liberal cause, she's a dedicated radical.  Josh Painter presents some of Kagan's past thoughts on socialism and even Ronald Reagan's election in 1980 - and if she's confirmed, she'll fit right in with the rest of the radicals in the Obama Administration.

Pro-Life Groups React to Obama Nomination of Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan - Reaction from Pro-Life organizations to the nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court was swift and united in opposition, with most major groups expressing their disappointment that a pro-abortion radical was put forward by the president.  Kagan lacks a judicial track record on the abortion issue, though there's hardly any doubt from her past actions and affiliations where she stands on Life for the unborn.  

Deal District Tests Right's Activist Muscle
Politico - The strength of local northern Georgia Tea Parties will be put to the test today as a special election is held to determine who will replace Republican Rep. Nathan Deal (who resigned to run for governor).   The local grassroots' favorite is former state Rep. Tom Graves, and the outcome will largely depend on the motivation level of the district's voters - and how many the Tea Party will be able to muster in support of Graves.

'Tea Party'-Backed Platform Sails Through Maine GOP Convention
Christian Science Monitor - Yet another tangible benefit stemming from the rise of the Tea Party movement is a new Republican Party platform in Maine, where conservative activists proposed sweeping changes to the state Party's core principles - and got them.  Maine is known for its tradition of wishy-washy 'moderation,' but it's obvious that the Tea Party is making a difference even there.

Conservatives Sharpen Knives After Bennett's Ouster
Market Watch - Taking down Sen. Robert Bennett in Utah was just the first step in asserting conservative dominance of the Republican Party - and now the Tea Party is turning its attention to races in Kentucky, Florida and California (amongst others).  Sen. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund is aiding in the effort to elect more boat-rocking conservatives to turn things around in Washington.