NetRight Daily: Solis' DOL, Inflation and More

Solis Hill Staffers Strike It Rich at DOL - As noted by Rob Bluey at The Foundry and Michelle Malkin, research from Americans for Limited Government (the parent organization of this website) has uncovered that Capitol Hill staffers that transitioned to the Department of Labor with Hilda Solis have struck it rich.

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Pay No Attention to the Inflation Problem - Severe inflation always begins at the most basic level. From food prices to base commodities, consumers will notice prices rising quickly when severe inflationary periods are upon them. So that's why a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the Producer Price Index (PPI) for March 2010 is startling some who actually read this important economic indicator (clearly Congress hasn't paid attention).

The Fed's European Bailout - On February 24th, 2010, when asked if the Federal Reserve was planning to bail out Greece, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified to the House Financial Services Committee, "we have no plans whatsoever to be involved in any foreign bailouts or anything of that sort." Now we know, he lied.

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