NHDP: Do NH Republicans Stand with Extremists?

After years of NH Republicans "just saying NO", the people of NH deserve to know if NH Republicans where they stand. Do NH Republicans agree with the their Maine brethren and approve their bizarre platform that attacks America's values?

Concord - This week, Republicans in the state of Maine approved a bizarre, hateful platform that includes a slew of shocking planks.  In the laundry list of crackpot positions the platform demands a repeal of America's opposition to international child slavery and child prostitution, declares global warming a myth and brazenly declares that "health care is not a right."

"Do Chairman Sununu and the New Hampshire Republican Party endorse the hateful, radical platform passed by Republicans in Maine?" asked Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  

"Maine and New Hampshire share a border, have common interests, and enjoy a similar way of life.  The question is whether the New Hampshire Republican Party, like their counterparts in Maine, reject basic human rights for children, oppose equality and diversity, and believe our country is rotten at the core."

One particularly shocking plank is the direct attack on America claiming "we have let rot from within, the foundation upon which freedom and prosperity must be built to survive."  The platform also bizarrely calls for action to wildly reward the very Wall Street firms that drove our economy into a ditch.

Additionally, it demands the immediate end to efforts to improving education for children across the country.  And the platform goes on wild rant about global warming.  Not only does it reject global warming as a myth, the platform actually calls for an investigation into the "collusion between government and industry" and prosecution of those working to prevent the impending disaster.

The Maine Republican Party has totally gone so far off the deep end that they could give lessons to BP," added Buckley.  "The question is if the New Hampshire Republicans are going to join them? Much of what they are saying is basically identical to what we've been hearing from Chairman Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans.  Sununu should take a position - does he support the Maine Republican party platform?  If not, why not?"

The full platform is available here.  Some of the more outrageous planks in the Maine Republican Platform include:

Demands a repeal of America's opposition to international child slavery and child prostitution.

Proposes repealing laws against child abuse and neglect.

Declares that "healthcare is not a right."

Rejects scientific fact and calls for the criminal prosecution of individuals working to solve the pending environmental crisis of global warming.

Opposes any restriction on dangerous weapons including restrictions against automatic weapons, assault rifles,  grenade launchers, guns designed to kill police officers. 

Allows for people with a record of criminal behavior or mental instability to purchase and own these dangerous weapons.

Rejects the constitutionally enshrined separation of church and state.

Would reward Wall Street banks that brought our economy to the brink of disaster.

Opposes all civil rights laws.

Opposes a woman's reproductive rights.