An important message from Kelly Ayotte

You and I agree that this election is about the critical issues facing our country. We need to stop runaway spending in Washington, create good jobs and protect our country from terrorists.
As New Hampshire’s Attorney General I never focused on politics, I focused on getting results. I held corrupt public officials accountable, and made the tough decisions that kept our state safe. Democrats are afraid to run against my record of results and they’re willing to politicize just about anything to divert attention from our hopeful message.
Paul Hodes’ latest attack focused on my email records from my time as Attorney General. I wanted to set the record straight and be sure you had all the facts. When I left the Attorney General’s office, I expected my email account would have been handled like any other member of the office who had departed. The Attorney General’s office has confirmed that was the case.
Anyone – including Democrat operatives – can file a Right to Know request to obtain information (including e-mails) from my time as AG. The DOJ announced earlier this week, the agency has released more than 5,000 documents and emails from my time as Attorney General to Democrat operatives. The Attorney General’s release stated they had already spent 160 hours and $20,000 in personnel costs in fulfilling the Right to Know requests.
To reaffirm my commitment to open government, I went beyond the requirements of the law on Monday when I asked the Attorney General to make public all of my e-mails and schedules – whether they are in case files or stored on back-up systems. I am proud of my record as Attorney General and welcome the review of my records.
Separately, and unrelated to the previous matter, the Attorney General released a report about the Financial Resources Mortgage Ponzi scheme. We all want to make sure this type of fraud is never perpetrated again, and I commend the AG’s office for issuing a thorough and objective examination.
But make no mistake: there are those who will try to politicize this matter for their own gain. The facts, though, won’t be on their side.
The Attorney General’s office opposed taking jurisdiction over consumer protection complaints regarding banking and securities matters away from the Attorney General’s office, and today’s report shows that it was a mistake to have removed that jurisdiction.  The report clearly shows that the two state agencies with primary legal jurisdiction over FRM were banking and securities, and that they failed to act as far back as 2000 to aggressively pursue the company.
The report also finds the Department of Justice could have done a better job coordinating and communicating internally and with other agencies. I support the report’s recommendations to improve the processes within the office and between departments.
This campaign is about the future. It’s a referendum on what kind of country we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in. It’s a choice between the conservative principles we hold dear or continuing down the Democrats’ path to bankrupting our country.
I have led Paul Hodes in all 14 polls that have been conducted; including the last UNH poll that had me leading him by 15. That’s why we can expect Democrats to try to drag these issues down into the political gutter.
My campaign has been endorsed by all of New Hampshire’s sheriffs and nearly 60 police chiefs because they know the truth: I have a long record of putting criminals behind bars. I’ve held corrupt public officials accountable, and I cracked down on white collar crime. Period.
No one ever said this would be an easy campaign. But please know that your support sustains me. You know how hard I fought to keep New Hampshire safe – and you know how hard I will fight to bring common sense back to Washington.
Thank you so much for your continued support. Joe and I couldn’t be more grateful – and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon!