CHQ - DeMint: A Conservative Call To Arms

DeMint: A Conservative Call To Arms

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DeMint: A Conservative Call To Arms
FrontPage Magazine - Sen. Jim DeMint says we're not going to change the U.S. Senate until we change the people who are there - and in this transcript of a speech he gave in Santa Barbara, California recently, he adds that it's the American people who are going to bring about that change.  DeMint issues a call to action for conservatives everywhere to rise up and bring back the America that everyone knows is waiting if we'll just fight for it.

Elena Kagan's Unequal Justice?
American Thinker (blog) - Thomas Lifson blogs on an aspect of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's record that has not received much attention - namely, how she dealt with a plagiarism scandal while acting as Dean of Harvard Law School.  Kagan's light handling of the matter demonstrates the type of 'equal justice' views that she'd carry onto the Supreme Court, a scary proposition for someone charged with so much responsibility.

The Socialist Judge: Elena Kagan and the Teachable Moment
American Spectator - Jeffrey Lord writes that the Senate's upcoming debate over the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court must not be limited to Kagan herself - it must be a broader discussion about the Obama Administration's bent on socialism.  Lord says the confirmation hearings will constitute a 'teachable moment' on the evils of socialism and why they have no place on the Supreme Court or anywhere else in America.

GOP Moderation Hobbles Portman's Ohio Run
Washington Times - 2010 is supposed to be a year where GOP candidates will win elections simply because they're not Democrats - but that conventional wisdom isn't playing out in Ohio, where Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman is in a tight race with his Democratic opponent.  Portman's problem is that he's seen as too moderate and tied to both Bush Administrations - which isn't generating much enthusiasm amongst those in Ohio's conservative grassroots.

McConnell Quietly Locks Up Senate GOP Leadership
Politico -- While close friend Sen. Bob Bennett was defeated in Utah, and handpicked candidate Trey Greyson lurches towards a primary defeat at the hands of Rand Paul, GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been quietly gathering support amongst colleagues to keep his position as minority leader -- and fend off an unlikely but potential challenge from conservative Senator Jim DeMint.

In Bringing Down Bob Bennett, Club for Growth Proves a Real 'Power Player'
Politics Daily (blog) - Matt Lewis writes of the conservative group Club for Growth's role in the recent defeat of Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, and says it's just the most notable of the Club's achievements thus far.  Lewis says after November's elections, the Club may very well have been responsible for electing three new conservative senators - and the best part is the group's influence will only grow from there.

David Freddoso: Bennett a Warning To All Incumbents
Washington Examiner - David Freddoso writes of Sen. Robert Bennett's defeat at the Utah GOP convention and argues it was because Bennett had been seen as part of the 'Washington Club,' which is a bad thing in 2010.  Freddoso touches on Bennett's votes that got him in trouble but misses the point on the senator's overall record - he certainly was no principled conservative - and that's what ultimately led to his ouster.

Utah GOP Gives "Bailout" Bennett the Boot
The New American - Utah Sen. Robert Bennett continues to blame the country's anti-incumbent fervor for his untimely exit from politics, but the fact remains that the other top Republican candidates from his state did not face serious challenges. Bennett's downfall was his reputation for sacrificing conservative principle for political expediency - after all, he didn't garner the nickname 'Bailout Bob' for nothing.

In Utah, Sen. Hatch Might Be Next (In 2012)
Politico - Sen. Robert Bennett's loss at the Utah GOP convention may have surprised some, but none were more haunted by it than Utah's other Senator, Orrin Hatch.  If Hatch runs again in 2012, it will be for his seventh term - and although he's been a reliable conservative in some ways, his fiscal record is worse than Bennett's (according to the Club for Growth) and his reputation as a deal-maker won't help him with Utah's motivated grassroots conservatives.