NH Steward - The Politicians Are At It Again


The politicians in Washington are at it again.  This time they are fighting about a Financial Reform package.  Now that the President has succeeded in giving America a new Government-run health care system, he is moving onto issues such as Immigration Reform and Financial Reform of Wall Street.

As always, I continue to be outspoken on issues facing our country, and I wrote a guest editorial on Financial Reform that you may have seen in the New Hampshire Union Leader and other publications around the state.  You can view the editorial, titled "Financial reform in Congress need not be complicated" by clicking

New Supreme Court Justice

It's not often that a President gets to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and President Obama has already nominated two with the announcement of Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his replacement for Justice John Paul Stevens.  I am sure you will remember just last year he was successful in putting Sonia Sotomayor on the bench but the US Senate will likely move very cautiously with Ms. Kagan

Keep Your Eyes on Concord - Budget Deficit Balloons

New Hampshire is in the final weeks of their legislative session and the heat is intensifying as Legislators and the Governor try to agree on the best way to close the growing budget deficit that is reportedly now at $290 million dollars.

The House of Representatives just passed a budget that increases taxes, includes some spending cuts and borrows more money.  The backroom politics will soon take over as this budget now moves to a Committee of Conference.  This is the time when it is critical for all of us to be aware of the budget impact and possibly call our Legislators and the Governor to let them know if you support or oppose the final resolution.  The last week of May and first week of June is the time to be on high alert!  Stay tuned and we at NH Steward will certainly give you our opinion.

As always, we need your help to keep our elected officials accountable and to insist on fiscal discipline.  Please encourage your friends and family to join Steward's efforts to hold politicians' feet to the fire, by having them sign up today!




Fred Tausch