CHQ - The Message From Voters: Pork Kills

The Message From Voters: Pork Kills

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The Message From Voters: Pork Kills
Politico - Voters in Utah and West Virginia recently killed the political careers of two congressmen who serve on appropriations committees, and the message from these races and others across the country is clear:  Americans are fed up with earmarks and bloated federal spending, and they're not going to take it anymore.

Will the GOP Wake Up and Smell the Tea?
American Thinker - J.R. Dunn writes that Republicans stand to gain large numbers of seats in the coming election - but they're also failing to grasp what such a victory would be all about.

Voters Shifting to GOP -- Republicans have pieced back together their coalition of independents, suburban women, and blue collar voters -- groups that abandoned the GOP in 2006 and now favor a Republican return to Congress.

NV Senate GOP Primary: Angle Gains 20pts in Single Month -- Strong support from conservatives and Tea Party organizations have catapulted Sharron Angle nearly 20 points in the last month over Danny Tarkanian, and just behind former state GOP chair Sue Lowden who continues to slide in polls.

Nevada Tea Parties Demand a Return To Constitutional Principles
Sacramento News & Review - Nevada's Tea Parties are playing a crucial role in the effort to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November, and here's a look at some who are taking part in the grassroots movement - and why they're motivated.

TEApublicanism Is On The March
Renew America - Tim Dunkin writes of the emergence of 'TEApublicanism' in America, which is essentially the joining together of the conservative grassroots in TEA Parties along with traditional Republican conservatives to form winning coalitions and to reject the GOP establishment. 

As Of Three Months Ago, Crist Called Himself a 'True Blue Reagan Conservative'
Mother Jones - Liberal David Corn writes of the need for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to answer for his hypocrisy in claiming to be conservative just three months ago and now eliminating the word from his campaign Website.  While still in the Republican race, Crist called himself a 'True Blue Reagan Conservative' in a press release - yet no one in the press has bothered to call him on his politically motivated shifts in ideology.

Taking No Chances, McConnell Says He Has Votes To Keep His Leadership Job
Louisville Courier-Journal - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell sees the Republican Party getting more conservative, and it's clearly worrying him.  As a result of the GOP's move to the Right, McConnell is already campaigning to keep his job as the leader of the Senate Republicans in the next Congress - and unfortunately for conservatives, he claims he already has the votes to stay in power.

Bennett: CFG 'No Longer Interested in Political Ideology'
National Review Online (blog) - Ousted Utah Senator Bob Bennett is bitterly lashing out at the conservative group Club for Growth for helping to ensure his defeat at last weekend's Utah GOP convention, saying that the Club is now only interested in political power.  Bennett is also still insisting that his rejection by his own state Party had nothing to do with ideology, claiming that he's 'as conservative as they come.'  

Poll: 59 Percent of Americans Support Arizona's New Immigration Law
Associated Press - A recent Pew Research Center poll revealed that 59% of Americans approve of Arizona's attempt to crackdown on illegal immigration - and an even higher percentage (73%) believe that police officers should be able to demand proof of legal status from those in custody.