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Help Us Make NH Great Again

Since John Lynch and the Democrat majorities have taken office they have failed to lead on the issues that matter most to Granite Staters. Democrats have raised over 80 taxes and fees, increased state spending and amassed skyrocketing deficits.

Now is the time for you to stand up and make a difference by serving our great state as an elected official. In November, Republicans have the opportunity to clean up Concord and ensure New Hampshire remains a great state to live and raise a family in-- but this can't happen without good candidates. If you're interested in running for State Representative you can let us know on our Website or contact Katie Horgan at or 225-9341 with any questions that you have.

Don't hesitate, filing period begins in less than a month!


Lynch's Failure to Lead

The Laconia Citizen slammed Governor Lynch for his lack of leadership on the Financial Resources Mortgage ponzi scheme.

The abrupt resignation of New Hampshire's top securities watchdog, Mark Connolly, is an indication the state is being very ineffective in getting to the bottom of an alleged Ponzi scheme operated by those behind Financial Resources Mortgage.


The time has come for Gov. John Lynch to take firmer action.


Months ago the governor ordered the Attorney General's Office to investigate the FRM matter. The AG's Office has had the case for months. The release of its findings has been anticipated since March. Most recently it was supposed to have been ready in time for last week's Executive Council meeting. Now Attorney General Michael Delaney says it will be presented at the next council meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

What too many people in state government, including Gov. Lynch, are failing to appreciate is the extent to which the FRM debacle has undermined the public's confidence in the state's ability to enforce the law and to crack down, when necessary, on those who might try to defraud honest people of their hard-earned money. When veteran state lawmakers, like state Rep. Jim Splaine and Paul McEachern, sound an alarm (as they did in February) that the state needs to confront public concerns of a cover-up then others need to pay attention and respond.

Yes, it is easy for politicians to grandstand on such issues. That's not what is needed here. What is needed is effective, principled and unmistakable leadership.

You can read the full editorial here.


NH Republicans Poised for Comeback

In last week's Congressional Quarterly, Stu Rothenberg writes that New Hampshire is no longer a tossup and Republicans are poised for a comeback.

National political currents (including intensity) are likely to favor Republicans, and as long as the GOP nominee isn’t hemorrhaging support after the primary, Hodes, who voted for the health care bill, cap-and-trade and the stimulus, will be on the defensive when fall arrives. An improvement in the national mood would, of course, improve the congressman’s prospects.

Recent polling suggests that Hodes is trailing a number of the GOP candidates (particularly Ayotte), and the overall dynamic — including strong Republican bids to win both of the state’s House seats — makes it more likely than not that Hodes will come up short in November.

Republicans will win this November but it won't happen without your support.


Release the Bodi File!

Yesterday, The Union Leader reported that Attorney General Michael Delaney announced that he will try to oust Commissioner Mark Bodi, a longtime Lynch political crony and top Democrat fundraiser, but failed to publicly discuss why he is removing him.
The Attorney General’s attempt to remove one of John Lynch’s handpicked political appointees raises serious questions about the integrity of the governor’s administration. Governor Lynch has consistently failed to be open and upfront with the public about Commissioner Bodi’s ethically questionable behavior. The Governor initially failed to disclose Mr. Bodi’s suspension, and now he is refusing to discuss why his administration wants to oust the commissioner. John Lynch’s suspicious silence is extremely troubling given that Mr. Bodi is a prominent Democrat activist who helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the governor’s political efforts.
Granite Staters have a right to know what type of serious misconduct prompted the Attorney General to remove one of Governor’s Lynch top officials. It’s time for John Lynch to publicly address the details behind this growing ethics scandal.


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