NHDP - NH House Republicans Vote to Nullify Historic Health Insurance Reform

Radical floor amendment just one of many reckless pieces of legislation proposed by out-of-touch GOP this session

CONCORD - Today, New Hampshire's Republican legislators, led by Rep. Gene Chandler (Barlett), held up the House of Representatives by arguing for a piece of legislation that wastefully revisited the passage of historic health insurance reform.

The bill, which would declare the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act "null and void," and makes it a felony for any federal government official to implement the new law, is yet another example of radical Republicans ignoring the needs of struggling families and wasting taxpayer dollars.

"Sadly for the people of New Hampshire, members of the Republican Party in the House have once again chosen to play political games instead of proposing any realistic legislation to help working
families," said Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "The passage of health insurance reform will control costs and provide access and relief to hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire families. Are Republicans really opposed to covering individuals with pre-existing conditions, providing tax cuts to small businesses, and allowing children to remain on their parent's health insurance until age 26?"

Although Republicans knew in advance of introducing the amendment that it would ultimately be defeated by an overwhelming margin, they chose to bring it forward anyway. The floor amendment to SB455 is just another reckless piece of Republican sponsored legislation that doesn't touch on job creation, spark economic recovery, make health care more accessible and affordable, or help balance the state budget.

"With so many important issues facing our state and country, one would think that the GOP would find something more productive to do with their time," added Brunelle.

In addition to their efforts today, Republicans have also sponsored bills this session repealing marriage equality, requiring birth certificates for Presidential candidates, and numerous other right-wing fringe issues.