CHQ - Non-Partisan Tea Party: A Liberal's Worst Nightmare

Non-Partisan Tea Party: A Liberal's Worst Nightmare

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Non-Partisan Tea Party: A Liberal's Worst Nightmare - Conservatives in Utah and West Virginia proved last week that they'll participate in both parties' nominating processes to favor the most conservative candidates, something that conservative leaders such as Richard Viguerie have always encouraged.  By infiltrating the Democrats and Republicans at the local level, conservatives can ensure that the most conservative candidates prevail - and the government will invariably turn to the Right.

How Can RINOs Really Fight Against Kagan?
World Net Daily - Alan Keyes writes of the dilemma facing Republican politicians as they prepare to fight the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court - namely, if they don't have a strong record of defending the Constitution and its limits on governmental power, how can they effectively criticize someone else for a lack of such principles?  Keyes says the GOP establishment has supported liberals and called them 'conservatives' for so long that the Party has no credibility in lining up against real Leftists.

To Ask Kagan:  Are There Any Constitutional Limits on Government Anymore?
Forbes - Roger Pilon writes that the upcoming confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will provide a good chance for Republican Senators to explore her view and their own views of constitutional authority - and to seriously ask, are there any constitutional limits on government anymore?  It's a soul searching exercise that needs to be undertaken to try and put the country back on the limited government track that the Founding Fathers originally envisioned.

Don't Get Cocky, GOP
Washington Examiner - The Editors of the Washington Examiner agree with Republicans that there's much to be encouraged by the results of recent polls which show them doing well in match-ups with Democrats at this point, but it's also far too early to get cocky.  Those same voter surveys indicate that Americans still don't trust the Republicans to keep their promises - a credibility gap that can only be bridged by effectively advocating for conservative policies once in office.

TARP Traps GOP Incumbents
Politico - You can't say they weren't warned, but Republicans who voted for the TARP Wall Street bailout in 2008 are finding themselves in trouble this year, having gambled that their conservative constituents would forgive and forget - and lost.  Republicans who failed to take a principled stand when it counted the most should not count on conservatives giving them another chance - and the poll results are telling.

For Chuck DeVore, Getting Elected Is All About The Principles
Ramona Sentinel - California GOP U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore is not as well known or funded as his two main opponents, but that's not stopping him from traveling the state to speak with conservatives on the grassroots level - and he doesn't mince words in articulating his positions.  DeVore believes that a principled conservative can still win in California - and he's not softening his stances in order to be seen as 'electable.' 

Angle Continues Raking In Endorsements, Straw Poll Wins
Las Vegas TSG (blog) - Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle was often dismissed by the Republican Party establishment as someone who could not garner enough attention to seriously contend for the Party's nomination to run against Harry Reid, but conservative endorsements and straw poll victories just keep coming for her.  Angle's impressive performances in debates and her rock solid conservative legislative record are drawing just the type of looks that could help her prevail in the state's primary.

Laura Bush Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion
Newsmax - If there's one area where conservatives remain relatively happy with the legacy of George W. Bush, it's with the social issues - but even that's being tarnished as former First Lady Laura Bush has revealed that she's in favor of allowing homosexuals to marry and also for keeping abortion legal.