NHDP - Are Kelly Ayotte and Sarah Palin a Pair of 'Mama Grizzly Bears'?

CONCORD - This past weekend, former Alaska governor-turned Fox News correspondent Sarah Palin was fundraising in Washington D.C. with the radical anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony's List. Palin was joined there by other anti-choice candidates, including former New Hampshire attorney general turned right-wing senate candidate Kelly Ayotte. Palin called Ayotte, "a bold, brave candidate."
At the fundraiser, Palin compared Ayotte and the other anti-choice candidates in attendance to "mama grizzly bears," rising up to defend their cubs.

"It looks like Kelly Ayotte has finally decided on her political porridge. As Kelly Ayotte has flipped and flopped her way to the far right wing of her party, she has found Sarah Palin to be just right," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Ayotte has left New Hampshire common sense behind and joined forces with Palin on the fringe of the Republican Party, dead set on trampling the rights of New Hampshire women along the way."

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is providing the following helpful cheat-sheet to help voters distinguish between the two:

-         Resigned as attorney general despite promising to serve her full term
-         "Deleted Email-Gate"
-         Right-wing makeover done to court tea-party voters
-         Resigned as governor
-         "Trooper-Gate"
-         Right-wing makeover done to court Fox News executives

"Someone should tell Kelly Ayotte that New Hampshire already rejected an anti-choice woman who failed to serve out her term in office and spent months ensnared in a scandal over deleted emails," said Browne.