NHDP Chair Applauds Drop in New Hampshire Unemployment Rate

New Hampshire continues to lead economic recovery; Drop in April unemployment rate second largest since downturn began
Concord - Yesterday, the state Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau announced that the unemployment rate dropped in the month of April.  The improvement in New Hampshire's job market was the second largest since the beginning of the recession.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement applauding the news.
"This is great news for New Hampshire's working families and shows that the policies of Governor Lynch, President Barack Obama, and Democrats at the state and federal level are truly taking hold."
"And this is devastating news for the Republican obstructionists that have stood in the way of progress - hoping that the economy would languish and they would gain politically."
"Catastrophic Republican economic policies drove our country into a ditch.  But in just over a year, Democrats have managed to undo the damage caused by failed Republican leadership at the national level and get our economy back on track."
"The announcement last week that the United States added almost 300,000 new jobs last month, demonstrates the national economy has turned the corner.  And the latest news that the unemployment rate in New Hampshire has dropped to 6.7%, clearly shows that New Hampshire is at the forefront of this national economic recovery."
"Obviously still more needs to be done.  Democrats won't be satisfied until every Granite Stater who wants a job has a job. That's why  Governor Lynch and Democrats in the House and the Senate have implemented New Hampshire Working - a program designed to protect Granite Staters who currently have jobs, help those without jobs find work, and ensure that the New Hampshire workforce has the training and skills necessary to compete for the best jobs available."