NHDP - Is Ayotte Courting a Palin Endorsement?

CONCORD, NH - Last week, New Hampshire Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte was singled out by far-right, failed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin at an anti-choice event in Washington, where Palin called Ayotte a "bold, brave" candidate. The shout-out caused national news outlets to speculate as to whether Palin would throw her support behind Ayotte in New Hampshire's Republican primary.
Today the question is - is Kelly's camp seeking a Palin endorsement?
To stay competitive in a tight Republican primary, Ayotte has undertaken a right-wing makeover, switching positions on everything from health care, to the stimulus, to immigration reform. She's also courted endorsements from other staples of the far-right, including Sen. Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth.
"A Palin endorsement is the perfect addition to Kelly Ayotte's far-right resume," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "They certainly have a lot in common - from their race to the fringe of their party, to their failure to complete their full terms in office and their ambiguous decisions regarding state email accounts.  But with Sarah Palin's bleak approval ratings in New Hampshire, what will Kelly do? Will she chase the endorsement for political points, or listen to the people of New Hampshire and say no thanks to Palin's extreme-right platform?"