CEI - Senate Debate - EPA Global Warming Power Grab

The U.S. Senate is expected to soon debate and vote on a crucial global warming-related measure.  The resolution, sponsored by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, would overturn an EPA rule to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.  Congress never intended to put EPA, via the Clean Air Act, in charge of regulating carbon emissions. Moreover, as former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen and CEI Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis explain in a Forbes.com commentary today, "America could be burdened with a regulatory regime more costly than any climate bill Congress has rejected or declined to pass."
That's why Freedom Action, a new grassroots organization affiliated with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has launched a radio ad campaign targeted at Senators in key states (see media release below).  The ads are unique in using direct quotes from Climategate emails that show efforts by top global warming scientists to hide or obscure critical data.