CHQ - Climategate Taxpayer Fraud Investigation Draws Ideological Heat

Climategate Taxpayer Fraud Investigation Draws Ideological Heat

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Climategate Taxpayer Fraud Investigation Draws Ideological Heat
American Thinker - Attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons exposes a bit of liberal hypocrisy -- and prejudice against conservatives using the power of government -- in their reaction to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's investigation into possible fraud by a university professor, and claims that it's driven completely by ideology. Fitzgibbons points out that liberals hardly protest when government investigates private entities - so why would they get so upset about looking into potential fraud by a member of a state university?

Bracing for Turbulent Tuesday in Kentucky
Politico - Today's the day that we'll know a lot more about the comparative strength of Kentucky's Tea Parties, as Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul has all but guaranteed a victory in the primary race over establishment favorite (and former Democrat) Trey Grayson.  Paul has promised a series of reforms if elected, and there's no doubt that a Paul win would send shockwaves throughout America's entrenched political establishment.  

Angry Voters Hammer Establishment Candidates
Washington Examiner - Voter discontent with the Washington establishment is surfacing in many different forms, and that's bad news for incumbents and establishment candidates from both parties.  Today we'll find out just how badly voters want a change with important contests in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas serving as leading indicators.

Florida Senate: Rubio 39%, Crist 31%, Meek 18%
Rasmussen Reports - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist enjoyed a predictable 'bounce' when he announced his decision to bolt the Republican Party and run for the U.S. Senate as an Independent - but that bounce appears to have receded, as conservative favorite Marco Rubio now enjoys an 8-point advantage (the same number as before Crist's announcement in polling of a potential three-way race).

Eyewitness: On the Ground with the Tim Burns Campaign in Pennsylvania - One of the many interesting races to be determined during today's voting is the special election in Pennsylvania's 12th District, where Tim Burns is trying to become the first Republican elected to represent the district in almost forty years.  Here's an 'eyewitness' account of the district's activity prior to the voting - and all signs point to an active grassroots effort to help put Burns over the top.

Joseph Farah:  Why Materialist 'Conservatives' Are Wrong
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah sees the Tea Party movement's emphasis on purely fiscal matters as an error in judgment, arguing that social issues are just as important to reforming the fabric of America as getting the federal budget under control.  Farah says there are inexorable links between economic and social issues, and 'materialist' conservatives should not make the mistake of ignoring the connection.

Memo to Sen. Bennett: See Rock; Crawl Under It
American Spectator (blog) - Quin Hillyer takes Sen. Robert Bennett to task for refusing to concede defeat in the Utah GOP U.S. Senate race - and also for Bennett's falsely accusing Tea Partiers of being an 'angry mob.'  Hillyer wonders why establishment-types like Bennett just cannot take 'no' for an answer when the people have spoken as part of a legitimate nominating process.

What We All Should Be Asking:  How Big Should It Be?
Washington Post - Robert Samuelson writes of the lack of serious debate in America over the role of government, a failure to stop and seriously ask, how big should it be?  Samuelson compares our debt situation to that of Europe and coldly predicts that if something isn't done - and quickly - then we're headed down a path of destruction that would be impossible to reverse.

The Best Way To Fight Liberal Court nominees?  Elect More Conservatives - Erick Erickson blogs on the preemptive 'surrender' announced by Senator John Kyl concerning Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination, wondering why Republicans are giving up so soon in a fight that would at least show they're willing to stand up for principle in assessing Court nominees.  Erickson says the solution in this regard is to elect more conservative senators, and presents a slate of candidates that would help change the ideological direction of the Republican caucus.