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Dr. Sally Satel Promoted Virtual Reality War Games as Treatment for PTSD
Virtual Reality War Games PTSD Treatment

Pentagon Experimental PTSD Treatment Questioned
Recently we at Veterans Today have been getting a lot of feedback both positive and negative on the Pentagon's experimentation with Virtual Reality War Games as a treatment for PTSD.  First let me say that I personally want to approach this with an open mind, heck I'm a strong, passionate supporter of Assistance, Service, and Companion Dogs for Vets and Troops as a treatment for PTSD but not as a exclusive approach. That said, not even the Pentagon is advocating the use of virtual reality combat simulations (war games) as the answer for PTSD, combat stress, or combat trauma but as a weapon in their arsenal for dealing with and helping troops cope with PTSD. After all the MISSION of military medicine is Force Readiness.

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