AFP - Palin Speaks at Michigan Summit

Dear Friend,

Today, Sarah Palin told 1,300 roaring grassroots activists at the Michigan Defending the American Dream® Summit in Auburn Hills, Michigan that we are going to win this crucial policy battle over cap-and-trade if we keep taking our message to the American people. 

She's right.  But we have a big fight ahead.

Ideologues on the Left are trying to use the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to push their global warming agenda.  It's outrageous to see radical groups like Greenpeace and the Environmental Defense Fund using the tragedy of death and destruction in the Gulf to push their plan for the biggest energy tax in American history.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said they plan on bringing a new cap-and-trade energy tax bill to the floor of the Senate this summer.

Think about it.  Unemployment is still hovering at 10%.  Our economy is still struggling.  Americans are paying historically high taxes.  Businesses are drowning in red tape.  Government is the biggest and most intrusive it's ever been. 

And, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid answer?  Another massive government program to ration energy use, tax gasoline even higher, increase utility bills, and pile more bureaucracy on small businesses.  Raise consumer prices through the new regulations on energy use.  It's mind boggling!

In fact, President Obama spoke just 45 miles away from here today at the University of Michigan commencement, where he defended government. He has to defend it because Americans are tired of his administration's push to expand it into every corner of our lives!

At the event today, Governor Palin talked about the AFP Regulation Reality Tour™, where we're educating the American people on how the Obama administration is attempting to use the EPA to push through much of their cap-and-trade agenda just in case we defeat them in Congress.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

In fact, please contact your senator today to tell them to vote YES on Senator Lisa Murkowski's resolution to stop the EPA’s global warming power grab.
This vote will be in mid-May and already we have 41 senators who have signed on as co-sponsors.  We only need 51 votes to win. 

The week of May 10 we will be back on the road - this time in Ohio and Indiana - with more rallies and events to keep up the pressure on the Senate to pass the Murkowski resolution
For a full tour schedule click here.

The Left is hoping you and I get tired.  Their hope is misplaced.  Today, a lady named Cathy came all the way from South Carolina to be part of the Michigan Summit because she said "it's that important."  Another man, Emery, got up at 3 a.m. Saturday morning to drive 300 miles from Indiana to be part of the Summit.  And I spoke to a young couple from the farthest northern reaches of Michigan who had driven hours to "send a message" to the Left and the media. 

Michigan has faced a tough decade thanks to the liberal policies of the political elite here.  The folks I met today still believe in the American dream and know that November is Coming™.



PS:  Let's rein in the EPA by demanding that Congress vote YES on Senator Murkowski's resolution to block the EPA's global warming power grab.

CLICK here to contact your senators today with a simple message: vote YES on S.J. Res. 26 because Congress should not use an unelected bureaucracy to implement a radical job-killing, tax-increasing environmental agenda.

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