Fred Karger's Week in New Hampshire

Greetings from the Granite State!  Just coming off a very successful week here.  Had lots of meetings, speeches, and the first Town Hall Meeting of anyone who is considering running for President in 2012.  We held it on Thursday night in Keene, New Hampshire upstairs at Margaritas Restaurant on Main Street  There were 50 people who came to meet and greet me.  I spoke about why I am considering becoming a candidate for President, and fielded questions.  It was quite a night.  Thanks to the organizers, and everyone in Keene for turning out!

Here is the report from Karen Ocamb from her great blog, LGBT POV:

fred at podium
                                                     I spoke at Dartmouth's Gay Pride Week in Hanover, NH
Fred Karger is nationally known for his dogged pursuit of the truth about Mormon spending in the battle over Prop 8 through his website Californians Against Hate. Now, as a potential presidential candidate in the Republican Party, Fred is hitting the usual presidential stops in a very unusual way – as an openly gay man. I asked him to drop me a note periodically to let me know about his experiences. Here’s his first missive, received Thursday night from New Hampshire, with photos.

Hi Karen -

Had an absolutely incredible day in New Hampshire.  It was my first real day on the trail.  I started with the drive from Concord to Dartmouth to speak at their gay pride week.  Addressed a group of students in Haldeman Hall for 45 minutes and took 15 minutes of questions. One alumni drove 1 1/2 hours from the north to see me.

Then from 6 to 8:00 pm, had my first “Town Hall Meeting.”  Am told it was also the first in New Hampshire of anyone considering running for President in 2012.  It was organized by a few local supporters in Keene, and held in a private room upstairs at Margaritas Restaurant in downtown Keene.  We had 50 people there for drinks and appetizers (see pics attached).

Got lots of sign-ups, gave away pins and my new New Hampshire Fred Who? T-shirts.

I spoke about my potential candidacy, and talked about how I will develop new and creative ideas to address the problems facing our country.  Told of my plans to begin a massive LGBTQ national voter registration drive to register new and younger LGBTQ voters and our friends.

Was very fun and exciting, and am completely exhausted.

Documentarian John Keitel was with us all day and am here with campaign aide Kevin Miniter.

Tomorrow back to Dartmouth for Pride Week final banquet and then Saturday to attend the dinner honoring Cleve Jones.  He will be in New Hampshire for the dedication of the Cleve Jones Wellness Center in Keene.

That’s all folks.  Thanks!!!

fred who t shirt
Soon to be a collector's item, it's the Fred Who? T-shirt making its debut in New Hampshire

fred answering questions
I'm speaking to Keene residents already looking ahead to 2012
fred with students
Here I am with some of the students who turned out from Keene State University
fred at reception
Pictured with some of more guests at Margaritas

fred at reception 1
It was a very enthusiastic crowd!
fred with woman
Thank you Susan MacNeil!!!
Fred and camera t shirt]
Campaign aide Kevin Miniter (holding a Fred Who? T-shirt) helping to set up
for my speech at Dartmouth College as part of their Gay Pride Week. John Keitel
with camera interviewing Gay-Straight Alliance Chair Rigel Cable
fred at nudist camp
A little cold and rainy on our way to University of New Hampshire,
but had to pose for a picture in front of the famous Cedar Waters