CHQ - Viguerie: Kentucky Elections Result in Vote of No Confidence in McConnell

Viguerie: Kentucky Elections Result in Vote of No Confidence in McConnell

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Viguerie: Kentucky Elections Result in Vote of No Confidence in McConnell -- Tuesday night's crushing defeat of establishment pick Trey Greyson at the hands of Rand Paul are a repudiation of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell's leadership in the U.S. Senate, writes Richard A. Viguerie.

Activists Seize Control of Politics
Politico - Yesterday's elections results proved that the grassroots anti-Washington uprising is not limited to one location or political party - it's a movement of 'ordinary' Americans who are fed up with the political power plays in the nation's capitol and are doing something about it.  Voters are certainly feeling empowered by the New Media to organize and financially support their own candidates at the expense of the political establishment - and that's a good thing.

Paul Vows to Remain True to the Tea Party
New York Times - Upon delivering his victory speech to a crowd of supporters last night, Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul vowed that he would not soften his message for the general election.  On the contrary, Paul said, he's a member of the Tea Party and pledged to uphold its values.

John Gizzi:  Judgment Day
Human Events - Political guru John Gizzi provides a detailed look at yesterday's election results, and as would be expected, there's more to the story than would be apparent at first glance.  Of particular interest was Gizzi's take on the Republican loss in Pennsylvania's 12th district, where the Democratic candidate gained a majority by campaigning as a conservative on three key issues.

A Bad Year For Incumbents
American Conservative - Jack Hunter writes of the desperation of the political establishment to hold onto power, something that the grassroots has now recognized and is finally working against.  Those incumbents (like Bob Bennett and Arlen Specter) who helped create the mess are experiencing a backlash from years of principle-free deal-making - and Hunter says it's about time that voters have woken up. 

Rand Paul, Anti-Incumbent Republican
Washington Examiner - Rand Paul's smashing victory in the Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate primary was a total repudiation of the Bush-era neoconservative philosophy, making Paul symbolic of the anti-incumbent Republican.  Paul's views bring a new perspective to a Republican Party that is desperately in need of new ideas - especially those that are deeply rooted in conservative principle.

Many Earmarkers Now Tagged For Ouster
Washington Times - It's perhaps unfair to say that all incumbents are in trouble this election cycle - after all, conservative Senators Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn aren't in danger of being upended.  The sitting legislators that are feeling the most heated backlash from voters are those on the House and Senate Appropriations committees, where doling out pork has traditionally been seen as a ticket to re-election - but not this year.

Conservatives Most Enthusiastic About Voting in 2010 Midterm
Gallup - Yet another sign that 2010 will be a promising year for conservative candidates comes from a recentGallup poll that showed conservatives are much more enthusiastic about voting than moderates and liberals.  Self-identified conservatives already outnumber liberals by two-to-one - and when enthusiasm is added to the equation, it appears as though conservatives are ready to take over.

Mark Souder Is No Principled Conservative - The media storyline surrounding the fall of Indiana Rep. Mark Souder (who resigned due to an affair with a staffer) is fairly standard:  staunch conservative gives into temptation, and then resigns.  A closer look at Souder's record, however, reveals that Souder was hardly a conservative, having voted for TARP and 'Cash for Clunkers' in the recent past.  The fact that Souder is Pro-Life alone does not make him a principled conservative - it makes him a Pro-Life statist.