Horn For Congress - Insiders and Incumbents Beware!

Yesterday's primary results send a loud, clear message across the land: insiders and incumbents beware! There has been a seismic shift in the political landscape and moderate Republicans are particularly vulnerable. The voters in Utah, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania have expressed their disgust with the backroom dealing, vote-trading, big-spending Washington insiders. They are disgusted with politicians who are only willing to fight for themselves and will sink to any level just to keep their power.
Moderates are running scared and are trying anything to preserve their power. Across the country, we see them taking three paths.

1. Become a Democrat like Arlen Spector did in Pennsylvania when he couldn't win
Republican support. The result: Joe Sestak beat him in a primary.
2. Become an Independent like Gov. Charlie Crist did in Florida when he couldn't
win Republican support in the US. Senate primary. The result: Marco Rubio is still
beating him.
3. Convince voters that you are not really a moderate like Charlie Bass is trying
to do right here in New Hampshire. Despite his voting record as a big government,
big spending Republican, Charlie Bass is trying to reinvent himself as a fiscal

But we know better. Just as the people rejected the "new" Crist and the "new" Specter,
the people of New Hampshire are rejecting the "new" Charlie.

It is not enough to simply say you are a fiscal conservative, you need to actually
be a fiscal conservative.

We live in critical times and "moderate" will not lead us to a balanced budget,
secure borders or affordable energy. "Moderate" can not stand up against the erosion
of our freedom, the intrusive growth of government or the crushing weight of our
national debt.

There can be no compromise when it comes to reigning in the size of government.
I will say "no" wasteful government spending. I will say "no" to tax increases.
I will say "no" to earmarks and I will say "no" to big government programs.

Establishment candidates can no longer assume they will win. It's time for us to
take back our government. The people are making their voices heard and the backroom
dealing, vote-trading, big-spending Washington insiders are feeling the sting.

It is time for firm, principled, fiscally conservative leadership in Washington!

Help us send the establishment a loud clear message that the people will take back
our government. Make a contribution today at jenniferhorn.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103420159299&s=637&e=001cfLbfIVDFChSQ_kpzM8JEwhZWvoUUtoRhzipT-FcvP04zuyFY27RkACJt8Guv1mjUP-TNcg7FOqEMKKQSsqMj9hU4ESagWKx1nnHewbxduhhHHr8PCH7lA==]
or sign up to volunteer. Remember, this is OUR campaign.

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