NHDP - Republicans Attack to Distract from John Stephen's Record of Fiscal Mismanagement and Ethical Transgressions

Concord - Out-of-state Republican organizations are again launching false, negative attacks in an attempt to distract voters from Republican candidate John Stephen's record of fiscal mismanagement and ethical transgressions.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement in response. 
"This new ad campaign is just the latest attempt by John Stephen's cronies in Washington to distract Granite Staters from learning that Stephen is nothing more than a lifelong bureaucrat with a record of fiscal irresponsibility and ethical transgressions."
"Stephen's decision to continue to hide behind out-of-state groups is both pathetic and shameful.  Governor Lynch's responsible stewardship the state's finances stands in stark contrast to Stephen's disastrous record."
"Stephen asked for a half-billion dollar increase in his budget when he served as Health and Human Services Commissioner; double-counted revenue, creating a $70 million budget hole; and the state is facing a federal audit from his years as commissioner. As a private consultant, he recently demanded Rhode Island pay him $370,000 for supposed "volunteer" work - a scandal that has led to the Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor calling for a change in the state's laws."

"Furthermore, the ad is full of outright lies.  Under Governor Lynch's leadership, New Hampshire has among the lowest spending and lowest taxes in the nation -- and one of the lowest unemployment rates.  When the national economy began to decline, Governor Lynch took decisive action to cut spending while preserving essential services.  Governor Lynch understands that New Hampshire's low tax environment is essential to the economic competitiveness of our state, and he will veto any sales or income tax."

"Governor Lynch also understands that, while New Hampshire's unemployment rate is lower than other states', it is critical that the state do everything it can to ensure that every New Hampshire citizen who wants a job can get a job.  He put together an innovative, bipartisan plan, New Hampshire Working, to help companies and workers avoid layoffs, to help workers get new jobs, and to train workers for the jobs of the future.  This plan leverages existing resources to help workers, to save taxpayers money, and to help New Hampshire businesses remain competitive so that they can recover from these difficult economic times."
"Governor Lynch also continues to work to build new jobs and industries in New Hampshire.  He proposed and guided the formation of the Green Launching Pad to help new environmentally friendly businesses build their companies and create jobs for New Hampshire workers.  He created the Research and Development tax credit to promote innovation and keep good jobs in New Hampshire.  And he reinstated the job training fund to allow the state to partner with businesses to train workers with valuable new skills."