CHQ - Richard Viguerie on Tuesday’s Election Results in Politico’s Arena

Richard Viguerie on Tuesday's Election Results in Politico's Arena

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Richard Viguerie on Tuesday's Election Results in Politico's Arena
Politico - Richard Viguerie has witnessed over fifty years of history in the American political arena, and he says that he's never seen anything quite like the Tea Party movement, a force which he believes can reverse the Big Government tide in America.  Viguerie also thinks it's time for the Republican leadership to go - and that the fervor being generated by America's conservative grassroots is here to stay.

Mitch McConnell, Reading the Tea Leaves
Washington Post --  Senator Mitch McConnell is a fast learner, indeed.  After watching his hand-picked candidate lose to Rand Paul and hearing calls from conservatives such as Richard Viguerie to resign his leadership position, McConnell sings a more conservative tune, notes Dana Milbank.

The Rand Paul Uprising
Washington Times - The editors of the Washington Times write of Rand Paul's victory in the Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate primary, arguing that it was due to Paul's ability to articulate a simple conservative vision and the grassroots Tea Parties' skill in mobilizing voters in support of him.  Paul's victory was a glaring message to the GOP establishment that conservatives want leaders who will stand on principle and not compromise just to remain popular.

Democrats Move Quickly In Attempt To Marginalize Rand Paul
Daily Caller - Kentucky's voting machines hadn't even cooled off and Democrats were already trying to discredit victorious Republican Rand Paul, attempting to paint him as an extremist by presenting past statements he'd made and spinning them so as to frighten Kentucky's voters.  With the wealth of enthusiasm that Paul's already generated, it's highly unlikely such business-as-usual political tactics will bear fruit.

GOP on Track To Snatch Defeat From Jaws of Victory
World Net Daily - Ann Coulter writes of the blunders Republicans just can't seem to stop committing, from crowing about victory in Pennsylvania's 12th District before the election even took place, to predicting gargantuan gains in the House (which would make even sizable gains look like a Democratic victory), to once again fruitlessly sucking up to Wall Street.  Coulter wonders, when will the GOP ever learn?

Jim DeMint: Moving the Republican Brand to the Right
TIME - Much credit is being given to the conservative grassroots for the recent success of conservative candidates in several states, but there's little doubt that a number of promising Republican senatorial candidates wouldn't be where they are today (in the lead in polls) without Sen. Jim DeMint.  Should several boat-rocking conservatives be elected in November, history will remember and credit DeMint for his efforts to bring them onboard.

Polarization May Be Our Best Hope
Opelousas Daily World - Mona Charen comments on the fact that liberals are lamenting the recent losses of so-called 'centrists' in primaries, arguing that such pleas for 'centrism' are hypocritical at worst and hollow at best.  Charen points out that Washington politicians' lack of principled ideology is what got us into the crisis that we're now facing, and perhaps a little polarization is what our elected leaders really need.

Schiff Wins the Tea Party Endorsement
Hartford Courant - Connecticut has certainly been drawing headlines of late with truth-challenged Democratic candidate Richard Blumenthal stumbling his way through explanations for his 'misspeaking' (i.e., lies), but thankfully, the state's Tea Parties have now generated some more positive news by endorsing Republican Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate - a candidate that they claim knows how to fix our country's fiscal mess.

Rob Jesmer: Super Tuesday's Super Loser - Of all the 'losers' from Tuesday's important primaries, perhaps the biggest wasn't even on any state's ballot -- namely the National Republican Senatorial Committee's top strategist, Rob Jesmer.  If it was the 'strategy' of the NRSC to suffer a number of embarrassing rejections by voters, then Jesmer's work would be winning kudos - unfortunately, Jesmer is just the latest joke in the Republican leadership that isn't funny.