CHQ - Larry Elder: It's Not 'Anti-Incumbency,' but 'Anti-Liberalism'

Larry Elder: It's not 'anti-incumbency,' but 'anti-liberalism'

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Larry Elder: It's not 'anti-incumbency,' but 'anti-liberalism'
Washington Examiner - Much has been made in the news media about 2010 being a year where incumbents are universally in trouble, but Larry Elder argues it's simply not true.  Elder says the only incumbents that seem to be in trouble are those liberals and 'moderates' who are responsible for the rapid growth of Big Government - and those who stood firm against bailouts and Obamacare are doing just fine in their re-election efforts.

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Smoke on Tuesday could lead to Tea Party fire in November
Daily Caller - Conservative activist Ashley Stinnett writes that Rand Paul's victory on Tuesday was just the most visible aspect of the impact of Tea Parties in America, and predicts that the movement will only grow hotter between now and November.  Stinnett says Paul's campaign was proof positive that a truly grassroots effort can still work within the realm of modern politics.

Kentucky Senate: Paul 59%, Conway 34%
Rasmussen Reports - A favorite tactic liberals employ to try and scare conservatives into voting for wishy-washy Republicans in primaries is to claim that principled conservative candidates will not have a broad enough appeal to compete in the general election.  The same line of reasoning was used to try and scare Kentuckians out of taking a 'chance' on Rand Paul - but initial post-primary polls show Paul with a huge lead over his Democratic opponent.

Jim Bunning: Mitch McConnell should be more like Rand Paul
Politico - Sen. Jim Bunning said what's on the mind of most conservatives these days - namely that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would do better by acting more like Rand Paul.  Bunning thinks McConnell's leadership doesn't always represent the views of his conference, citing the TARP bailouts as an example of where McConnell's lack of principles negatively impacted his fellow Republican Senators.

Rand Paul pushes back on racism charge
Washington Times - Rand Paul isn't taking the Left's criticism over comments he made on the Civil Rights Act sitting down, correctly claiming that it's merely an attempt by liberals to try to distort his views in order to frighten people.  Thankfully Paul isn't softening his criticism of the federal government's recent power grabs, specifically referencing the health care bill as an egregious example of federal overreaching.

Rand Paul vs. the Zombies
American Conservative (blog) - Thomas Woods Jr. blogs on the recent furor from the Left over Rand Paul's statements on the Civil Rights act, arguing that the racism charges are merely a kneejerk reaction to anyone who might question the need for federal Big Government protection.  Woods argues that private peaceful means of protest against wrongful discrimination would be more effective than having it forced down our throats by federal mandate.

Conservatives need to break the cycle - Grassroots conservative advocate Drew Ryun blogs on the need for conservatives to organize outside of the Party system in order to realize real reform.  Ryun correctly notes that the parties only exist to get their members elected, and relying on them to restore constitutional governance has never worked in the past and certainly won't in the future.  The answer, Ryun says, is to declare independence from the party system.

Club for Growth PAC Endorses Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate
Las Vegas TSG (blog) -- The increasingly influential conservative group Club for Growth has announced its choice in the Nevada GOP U.S. Senate race, and it's Sharron Angle.  Angle started out little known and far behind in the polls, but her principled conservative record while in the Nevada legislature has definitely gotten her tabbed by conservatives as the best candidate to go after Harry Reid this November.  
(Note:  Angle also picked up the endorsement of the conservative Pro-Life group Concerned Women for America on Thursday.)