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Gordon Duff

Flintstone Weapons and Custer Tactics Rake in Billions for Profiteers
Flintstone Weapons
How the Dimmest and Dumbest Give us their Worst
Losing Wars and Promoting Chaos for Profit

A recent analysis has shown the 40 year old American M-16 rifle to be a failure in Afghanistan.  The weapon that caused more American deaths in Vietnam than the enemy is still junk technology today, even with its Star Wars derivitives.  The result is still "Palinesque" or as I would call it, "lipstick on a pig."  The wrong design, the wrong cartridge, no range, no stopping power and poor reliability, 40 years of failure in the most important area of the battlefield, our combat rifle.  This wasn't an accident but part of our defense tradition, fighting wars with junk, fighting wars meant to eat money, put fighting men and women under the dirt, fighting wars meant to go on forever, as long as the money flows.  A new study, over 40 years late, challenges our basic infantry weapon's effectiveness:

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