CHQ - The Left Has a New Ally; Incumbent Republicans

The Left Has a New Ally; Incumbent Republicans

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The Left Has a New Ally; Incumbent Republicans
Tucson Citizen - Arizona resident Jim Kelley blogs on the silly situation in his state and across America where groups are tossing out the term 'racist' whenever they might disagree with something another person said.  Kelley particularly highlights the actions of some incumbent Republicans (namely, staffers of Sen. John McCain) who are trying to brand their political opponents as 'racists' - and have therefore become allies of Leftists who are trying to accomplish the same thing.

Bogus Charge of Racism Is a Sign Of The Left's Desperation
Washington Times - The Editors of the Washington Times touch on the controversy swirling around Rand Paul and his comments on the Civil Rights Act - and how the Left's pathetic attempt to brand Paul as a racist just proves how desperate they are to discredit him.  Unlike Paul's father (former presidential outsider Ron Paul), Rand has an excellent chance to not only become a member of the U.S. Senate, but also to directly impact liberal legislation - and that scares the Left to death.

Rand Paul: Like Father, Like Son
Politics Daily - Liberal David Corn writes on Rand Paul's self-generated controversy last week, saying that Paul learned one lesson from his father that perhaps he shouldn't have:  that you can say what you really think in politics and still succeed.  Corn certainly is no Paul supporter, but he does make some interesting points about the need to keep some of his views on matters irrelevant to the campaign to himself.

Pauken Brings Paleoconservatism Back To The Table
American Spectator - W. James Antle, III writes on former Texas Republican Party chairman Tom Pauken's new book - Bringing America Home - finding that it coincides with the reemergence of traditional conservative values that's occurring now in response to the Republican Party's excesses under George W. Bush and the rise of the Obama Administration.  Pauken looks at where the conservative movement went wrong and proposes ways that it can once again be a force in American politics.

Rand Paul's Victory Energizes N.J. Tea Party Activists
The Star-Ledger (NJ) - Rand Paul's victory in Kentucky has proven to Tea Party activists throughout the country that a motivated conservative grassroots can bring about wins for their candidates - and here's a look at how Paul's example is putting even more energy into New Jersey's Tea Partiers.  New Jersey isn't exactly known as a bastion of conservative activism, but conservative triumphs in Kentucky, Utah and Florida (amongst others) are helping New Jersey's conservatives to find their voices.

Making Sense of the Elections
American Conservative - Daniel Larison writes that it's a good thing that Rand Paul was able to win while proposing a drastic reduction in federal spending, but he also cautions that one man's victory in a conservative state does not necessarily mean the national GOP has learned its lesson on spending.  Larison says the GOP leadership is relying on political luck to return it to the majority rather than take risks on potentially unpopular proposals that would actually deal with the real problem:  the mounting federal debt.

Rush Limbaugh as GOP Kingmaker?
The New American - Bob Adelmann adds his comments to the opinions of several opinion writers who argue that radio talker Rush Limbaugh has co-opted the conservative movement, and warns that the Tea Party must remain separate from personalities like Limbaugh and other establishment Republicans (like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin) if it is to ultimately be successful in achieving its goals.

GOPer Makes History in Hawaii
Human Events (blog) - It's not exactly a victory for principled conservatives, but John Gizzi writes that Charles Djou's win in Hawaii's 1st congressional district's special election over the weekend is historic nonetheless.  Djou becomes only the second Republican to represent Hawaii in the House since it became a state - and Djou says he's going to Congress to vote against the Obama agenda for the rest of the year.