Leather Jacket Pundit Points to Rise in Women Bikers

HAMPTON, NH  As drivers in New Hampshire gear up for Laconia Bike Week (next month) and Americans begin to share the road with those who love to feel the 65 mile-per-hour fresh air atop their Harley-Davidson, Honda or Yamaha Star motorcycle, the rise of women bikers is becoming more and more obvious. The next time you pass, or are passed, by a formation of bikers, take a closer look, says Chris Nevins, owner of Seacoast, NH-based Shoreline Leather, LLC.


"See the increasing number of women riding their own motorcycles and not just the seat behind a man. What's going on?" Nevins prompts. 


Doing his own research to fuel his passion for leather and the success of his web-based men's and women's leather jacket company, Nevins has uncovered information about the rise in female bikers. He shares the following facts and insight about this growing movement: 


"According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, (www.mic.org), the number of female riders has increased from approximately 8.2% of all riders in 1998 to 12.3% of all riders in 2008. Even more significant is that, of the 2.5 million people who rode motorcycles in the United States in 2008, 23% of them were women. So why this increased change? 

"On the authority of Her-Motorcycle Blog, (her-motorcycle.com, click the "What's New" tab), many of the women who ride have reasons that are varied, yet the biggest one is countering society's expectations of women. The blog expounds this idea, sharing that many women believe it is no longer their primary function to keep the house and raise the kids. Women are now expected to be out in the world and earning a living, but they are still counted on for household chores and child rearing too, the blog expresses. So, the insight continues, what a bike does for many women is give them a real sense of freedom and exhilaration.
"The blog offers two more positive results for women riders: Confidence and camaraderie; confidence from knowing they can ride the big powerful machines they have long been taught only men could ride, and camaraderie from the shared experience and common bond with other women bikers they call friends. 
"Does that sound at all familiar, men?" Nevins asks.
"Get ready to share the road with motorcycles this summer. Men, couples and increasingly women will be gripping those handle bars," he says.
The Motorcycle Industry Council offers more facts about women riders:
-          56.7% are married
-          28% have a college or postgraduate degree 
-          35% hold a technical or professional job
-          42: median age of women motorcyclists
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