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Other Highlights at Conservative HQ's News From The Front Debuts -- Virginia "Ginni" Thomas kicks off a new activist hub that will "harness the power of citizen voices, inform everyday Americans with knowledge, and activate them to preserve liberty" with just 3 to 5 minutes of your time a day.  There's an introductory video you can view here.

ObamaCare Lawsuit Reveals National Grab to Regulate Individual 'Decisions'
American Thinker (blog) - Mark Fitzgibbons asks the question that is the crux of the Obama Administration's motion to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit challenging the individual mandate provision in the recently passed ObamaCare legislation: If, in the "national" interest, the federal government can regulate an individual's decision whether or not to to buy insurance, then what decisions of individuals can't be regulated?

ID-1: Another NRCC Loss To The Tea Party -- Chalk up another scalp for the Tea Party last night, as Raul Labrador defeated NRCC "Young Gun" Vaughn Ward by a crushing 9pt margin.

Kessler: Conservatives Are The Mainstream
NewsMax -- 70% of all Americans identify themselves as friends of the free enterprise system.  So why is it that the 30% who disagree manage to convince the rest of us otherwise?  The answer lies in who controls the discourse, as Ronald Kessler explains.

A Teachable Moment for Liberty
American Conservative - Jack Hunter thinks it's a good thing that a rift has opened up in America over Rand Paul's comments on the Civil Rights Act, because it finally might spark a real debate about the systemic problems we're encountering today.  Hunter says the parties are caught in a cycle where all they do is blame each other for the way things are -- and with Paul, at least we'll finally get to have some refreshingly substantive conversations about the role of government in our society.

GOP Begins Seeking Ideas From Public
Human Events - Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte writes of a new effort that Republicans are undertaking to solicit ideas from the public on potential solutions to America's problems, and are launching on online forum to allow citizens to voice not only their thoughts, but also comment on those of others from around the country (  Goodlatte says it's Republicans' effort to start a national dialogue and ultimately force Congress to be more responsive to the concerns of the People.

Club for Growth's Ad Attacks Lowden For Taxes and Reid Support
Las Vegas Review-Journal (blog) - The conservative group Club for Growth recently endorsed Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, calling her the most conservative choice in the race - and now the group is putting its money where its mouth is, purchasing television ads on behalf of Angle and attacking the establishment candidate, Sue Lowden.  The Club for Growth has accumulated an impressive record of helping conservatives lately, and it looks like the good work will only continue.

Early Voting in Nevada Could Boost Sharron Angle
Washington Post (blog) - Felicia Sonmez blogs on a unique aspect of the voting system in Nevada that could end up benefitting the favored conservative in the race, Sharron Angle - namely early voting, which Nevadans have used in recent elections to ensure greater participation.  The early voting totals in Angle's stronghold of northern Nevada have been higher than normal - a good sign for the insurgent conservative in the contest.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Is All-In During the Gulf Oil Crisis
Politico - As a conservative up-and-comer, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made headlines during the 2008 presidential campaign as a frequently mentioned possible running mate for John McCain, but these days he's in the news for a much less positive reason - he's trying to deal with the Gulf oil spill.  Jindal is receiving criticism from both Democrats and Republicans on how he's handling the situation, but there's one thing that's hardly in doubt:  that he's showing he's on top of the situation.

Does Hollywood Ideology Affect Hollywood Revenue?
Big Hollywood - Lawrence Meyers looks at the liberal rubbish that's coming out of the entertainment industry these days and wonders rhetorically whether ideology is a factor in its deteriorating box office receipts.  Conservative leaders such as Richard Viguerie have said that Americans are fed up with their institutions (and it's resulted in the rise of the Tea Parties), and they're simply no longer going to support with their attention or money entertainment media that's advancing cultural values that they don't agree with.

A Tale of Three States
American Spectator -- Connecticut resident Linda Fabrizio laments the fact that her state (and also New York and New Jersey) is in love with Big Government, but she also sees signs that the Democratic stranglehold on the region may be breaking.  Fabrizio says there are several Republican candidates that are on the rise - and although they're far from perfect on plenty of conservative issues, they're a good share better than the liberal mush that's been in power for decades.