CHQ - Senate Republican Leadership Does Not Match Mood of 2010 Electorate

Senate Republican Leadership Does Not Match Mood of 2010 Electorate

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Recent primary results will mean Congressional Republicans will move to the right: #tcot

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Senate Republican Leadership Does Not Match Mood of 2010 Electorate
Washington Post - Marc Thiessen presents the facts, and the facts don't lie:  six of the nine members of the Senate Republican leadership also have seats on the Appropriations Committee, and all seem proud of the fact that they've secured pork in the past.  Thiessen says voters would be putting Republicans back in power this year with the idea that they'd be more responsible with the federal purse strings - but without a changeover in leadership, that seems highly unlikely to happen.

Conservative Action Project: Oppose Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- In the latest memo from the Conservative Action Project, leaders echo the concerns of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen who express the "very damaging" effects a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" would have on our men and women in uniform.

Rand Paul's Constitution -- The editorial page of the Wall Street Journal reminds Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul that opposing federal overreach, rather than answering hypothetical applications of his libertarian perspective, remains the key to restoring individual freedom in America.  A U.S. Senate race, reminds the editors, is not the place for a libertarian seminar.
2010 Provides a Chance For Long Shot Candidates
The New American - Thomas R. Eddlem analyzes whether this unusual political year will provide opportunities for 'long shot' candidates to prevail in what would usually be considered impossible-to-breakthrough districts.  Eddlem focuses on four districts in particular where a conservative candidate in a 'normal' year would be given little chance of winning - but with the rise and success of America's Tea Parties thus far in 2010, anything's possible for these promising conservative reformers.

Pat Buchanan:  The War Over America's Past
World Net Daily - Pat Buchanan touches on the actions of the Texas Board of Education to rewrite the state's history text books to include a conservative point-of-view, and how it's got liberal 'educators' in a tizzy.  Buchanan debunks the liberals' paranoia over the changes (such as how the Constitution provides no explicit separation of church and state), which prior to the politically correct movement of recent decades would have been considered pretty standard teachings about America's past.

Tea Party Tempest in Idaho Primary
Politico - The fact that local Tea Parties are entities onto themselves was never more evident than in Idaho, where different grassroots conservative groups are backing different candidates in the Republican primary - and the national Tea Party Express is backing the incumbent Democratic congressman in the upcoming general election.  For their parts, the various candidates believe that it's healthy for the movement to be so involved with the process.

GOP Tries To Upend North Carolina Campaign Backed by Tea Party
Associated Press - It looks like the national and state Republican parties are at it again in North Carolina, trying to besmirch the reputation of a local Tea Party favored GOP candidate in a congressional primary in order to favor one of their own.  It's apparent that the decision makers at the top do not trust the 8th district's voters to determine whether the candidate's (Tim D'Annunzio) past is relevant to the campaign or not.

Libertarians Can No Longer Dodge Political Wars
Washington Examiner - Chris Stirewalt thinks that the days when libertarians were treated as a tolerable pet constituency by liberals are over -- and now that libertarian small government ideas are all the rage, simply identifying oneself as a 'libertarian' will no longer excuse you from the ideological debate taking place in America.  Stirewalt says the furor generated by Rand Paul's comments on the Civil Rights Act demonstrates that libertarians are now going to have to take part in the greater discussion on how to govern the country.

Conservatives Ramp Up Attacks on RINO Campbell in California
Los Angeles Times - The California GOP U.S. Senate race is shaping up to be a classic battle between conservatives and a RINO candidate that spouts the same old Party line.  While conservatives appear divided between Chuck DeVore (endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint) and Carly Fiorina (backed by Gov. Sarah Palin and several Pro-Life groups), all seem to agree that wishy-washy Rep. Tom Campbell is a Republican in the mold of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and offers hardly anything to like.