Jim Bender Makes Statement on Senator Gregg's Comments on the Financial Regulatory Bill

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010


Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate in New Hampshire joins Senator Judd Gregg in his criticism of the Financial Reform Bill. 

“I agree with Senator Gregg that the Financial Reform bill will be a ‘disaster’ for our country,” said Jim.  “The bill does not tackle the core economic issues that triggered the recession – mainly the out of control lending in the housing market.  The newly-proposed consumer protection agency only adds to the current bloated government; it’s a clear play at raising their already huge stake in the banking system.”

“The people don’t want casino banks.  The people need a leaner, cleaner, and more transparent Federal government with lower spending and less corruption, not a government that has power over lending practices, the banks, Detroit, the healthcare system, and more.   This bill does nothing to contain Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, continuing to let them back loans to borrowers unable to pay them back.  This bill will not solve the problems on Wall Street; it will only exacerbate the problems and the Federal government will once more ask the people of New Hampshire to foot the bill.”