Testerman Expresses Outrage Over Non-Profit Amendment

Testerman Outraged over Democrat Plan to Silence Non-Profits
Issues Statement from her home
Karen Testerman
Karen Testerman

Concord, New Hampshire- May 26, 2010 - This is a sad day for New Hampshire Democrats.  In an effort to please radical members of their coalition they have decided to try to forbid free speech.  The organization Testerman founded, Cornerstone Policy Research, is among the groups targeted.  Many, but not all, Democrats are mad at groups like Cornerstone for defending marriage.

Cornerstone, and other targeted groups, are fighting back.  An amendment, authored by the legal counsel for Democrats, is being considered today in Concord.  The Testerman campaign wants to be on record as being opposed to this horrible idea.  Cornerstone's email blasting this idea pointed out that it is blatantly unconstitutional.
Speaking from her homeTesterman said, "John Lynch ran on integrity as a key component of his campaign, now he wants to limit free speech ... the vehicle that people use to hold those in government accountable!"
She continued, "This is a tactic from Lyndon Johnson's playbook to silence non-profits from revealing his shortcomings.  We cannot allow this action to silence the public.  As Governor I will fight to protect your contitutional rights, not restrict them."
Testerman joins with Cornerstone Policy Research in requesting that all the citizens of New Hampshire call the following offices today:
Governor Lynch:  271-2121
Speaker's Office:  271-3661
Senate President's Office:  271-2111