NHDP - Prescott Sides with Big Corporations, Foreign Companies over the People of New Hampshire

Failed former state senator defends overseas special interests' ability to buy
American elections

Concord - Today, Russell Prescott provided further evidence that he is out of touch and not fit to represent the people of New Hampshire in the state senate. In a statement, Prescott proudly announced he would stand up for foreign corporations, big companies, and their ability to spend endless amounts of unreported money in order to buy elections in the Granite State.

SB1459, which is before the state senate this afternoon, would hold foreign entities accountable for spending money intended to influence the outcome of domestic political campaigns. The bill would require that these companies disclose their donors, and also inform New Hampshire voters that they are responsible for any paid advertisements.

"There is nothing more un-American than allowing foreign countries and corporations to buy elections in this country," said Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Under current law, a business like British Petroleum could spend tens of millions of dollars defeating a candidate for office in New Hampshire without any disclosure whatsoever."

Prescott's ardent opposition to the bill brings up serious questions about where his loyalties really lie.

"The people of New Hampshire deserve to know why Russell Prescott is defending the rights of businesses overseas instead of the voters he claims he wants to represent," continued Buckley. "Clearly, Prescott thinks it is a 'First Amendment" right to allow these companies to secretly buy American elections."