AFP - An Important Message from Rep. Michele Bachmann

I'm happy to share with you that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will speak at Americans for Prosperity Foundation's third annual RightOnline® Conference in Las Vegas on July 23 and 24 (Americans for Prosperity will again be a co-sponsor). Congresswoman Bachmann has been a champion in Congress on so many free market issues and will be joining other great conservative leaders such as Congressman Mike Pence, Radio Host Herman Cain,'s Erick Erickson, The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore and John Fund,'s Ed Morrissey, Radio Host Guy Benson, frequent Fox News contributor and comedian Stephen Kruiser, AFP Foundation's Phil Kerpen, Fox News Contributor Jim Pinkerton,'s Ed Morrissey, Radio Host Curtis Sliwa, and many others.  Click here to be a part of RightOnline and join the great line up of speakers.

Below you can see a special message from Congresswoman Bachmann on the importance of this year's RightOnline Conference:


The early registration price is $79 for individuals, $49 for students, $59 for seniors, and $179 for families. If you register before June 5th with the code "Bachmann" you will receive a 10% discount. Click HERE to register today!

Once you've reserved your spot at RightOnline, you can book a room through AFP Foundation's discounted hotel room rate by clicking HERE.

RightOnline will bring together thousands of citizen activists, the nation’s top conservative leaders, and new media experts to provide you with online activism and grassroots training that will send a message to Washington. 

The liberal left relentlessly tries to attack our freedoms on a daily basis. Just a couple of weeks ago, Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman reintroduced the massive cap-and-trade energy tax that Americans across the country rejected every time it has been brought up in Congress.

Make no mistake about it - it's folks like you who stop freedom-killing legislation like cap-and-trade through the use of online activism tools. Public opinion is on our side, but we must continue to use the Internet to keep the pressure on.

As part of our efforts in Nevada, Americans for Prosperity will sponsor a citizen education program on July 24. With your help, we will spread the word to Nevada residents about the government takeovers Harry Reid orchestrated as Senate Majority Leader. We'll head out to neighborhoods in the greater Las Vegas area educating citizens about Senator Reid’s tax-and-spend record in the Senate and what policies will provide a better path to prosperity for our country.

Will you sign up now to help us educate Nevadans about Senator Reid's voting record?

On July 23 and 24 you can show Washington one more time who we really are -- grassroots Americans willing to take time away from our families and jobs and communities to stand up for our freedom.


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PS: Remember to join Congresswoman Bachmann, Congressman Pence, and many others for RightOnline in Las Vegas by clicking here.